Sunday, 1 March 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #17 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!


Oliver Simonsen:

Cerebus live action movie with Peter Dinklage

Cerebus inspires outside the box

Cerebus most impactful comic of all time

Legendary Gail Simone says Cerebus was a favorite growing up

He's got a Cerebus tattoo

In the Cerebus Facebook Group Comicsverse indie comic creator [and Friend to the Blog -Matt] Steve Peters shares: "I wasn't aware that Doré also did oil paintings of Virgil and Dante." Margaret Liss adds Cerebus and title

Margaret Liss adds: "Some goodies from Dave I’m going through."

In her conversation with Damian she employed this image (see below), which i was thinking wouldn't that be perfect for so many occasions and should be added to Cerebus' repertoire in "Cerebus in hell?":)

Is "Cerebus in hell?" now the longest running self published comic of the last 20 years?

Silver Cerebus spotlighted in Spanish

Silver Cerebus video review: funny and strange

Looks forward to each new issue of "Cerebus in hell?"

"Cerebus in hell?" spider-man style

Cerebus addicted to twitter

Scott Warren shares a panel from Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles volume 6 from IDW

Jake Slingland draws Cerebus, Ignatz and Quasimoto

Peak Cerebus is PEAK

Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus collection shared

Cerebus top 4

Cerebus a must read

Cerebus convention lesson

Cerebus historical discovery

Dave Sim the "outsider artist"

Dave Sim documentary

Mailing Dave Sim

Hidden Cerebus drawings

Dave Sim cover for "The Colonized" compared to John Byrne version in Spanish
[Click for bigger -Matt]
Gene Day and Dave Sim

Mort Drucker and Dave Sim

Gerhard #200 spoiler

In case you haven't visited Gerhard's website in a while, here is the "Cerebus Stuff" Gallery.
"Gerebus! A Cerebus one-shot from Gerhard"?

Cerebus and Marshall Rogers

Cerebus has been described as Looney tune-esque at times - in keeping with that analogy did he go from being briefly a bit Bugs Bunny to being a tad more Daffy Duck?

Cerebus and Barry Windsor-Smith

Harley Quinn and Cerebus

Batman and Cerebus

"Tessa Thues" indie comic creator chose self publishing because of Cerebus and his character Mannal looks like him
Showing off Spanish hardcover editions of Cerebus

Cerebus 4chan discussion

Cerebus and Homestruck

Cerebus collage

From the book "Dave Sim: Conversations": the last day working on Cerebus was February 29th, 2004
[It actually wasn't:
(from The last page of The Last Day trade) -Matt]
[Also: Barbarian Messiah on eBook. -Matt]

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: Something profoundly thought out and investigative about Cerebus? Could be, stranger things have happened...


Tony Dunlop said...

I'm always afraid to click on any of these, ever since someone said some of them had viruses...

Oliver said...

Me and Matt click them so you don't have to:). I don't think that anonymous person got a virus from us - we would have heard more of an outcry. (But yeah i don't know what to tell you - there's always a risk even if these are established social platforms and websites.)