Sunday, 8 March 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #18 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!


And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

This is getting posted a little later, so as to let everybody finish holding for Dave Sim.

And: Here. We. Go.

Oliver Simonsen:

No sooner did Tony Dunlop express concern in the comments of last Sunday's column, whether it was safe to click the links, and I get hacked. It's an ongoing NIGHTMARE. So yeah maybe don't click the links. It's a long column and there's hopefully plenty to enjoy still. I doubt me being hacked is Cerebus related as I've been posting links for years in the facebook group and my own blog and this has never happened to me before. I'll let you know how it turns out.

[Well we're all real sorry to hear that Oliver. However could this have happened? I can attest that I check all the links before I post the column, and I haven't had any problems. Okay, let's get started: First up is "Sexy aardvark singles near you." -Matt]

Beyonce as Jaka

Bleeding Cool spotlights Dave Sim art auction

Sequential Magazine: Hot off the digital press is Issue 5 featuring Gerhard for your download at
Download the pdf to any device for reading. Price is pay what you want or download for free and any revenue is used to cover our expenses and future growth.

Gerhard Cerebus Auction

And check out interviewer Gary Boyarski's comic as well: "Jack Grimm"

Cyril Jacquin draws Cerebus
[Pretty sure this is based on Barry Windsor Smith's Swords cover -Matt]
In Brazil original draft cover for Spawn issue 10 shared

Cerebus homage in a four issue Marvel limited series

Cerebus and Groo

Marisa loves Cerebus

Cerebus genius

Cerebus interest

Cerebus thought about every day for the last 30 years

Cerebus recommended

Gerhard inspiration

Cerebus till the end

Cerebus in High School

Cerebus and Frozen Dead (which is enjoying it's 20th anniversary this year!) Announcement just in: "The Frozen Dead graphic novel collecting a reprint of my single issue Cerebus In Hell crossover comes out later this year." Used with Dave's permission, I might add.

Might recall he was featured on Dave Sim's Weekly Update this month last year

Btw is it the 4 year anniversary of "Dave Sim's Weekly Update" this month? First video on the channel is from March 2015. Every Friday for 4 years...has that been matched by any vlogger? Does that make Dave Sim king of the internets?!

Frozen Dead creator, Johnny Logan Harley was also kind enough to draw my characters Captain Zap, A-1 the Robot and Polly the Bir with awesome coloring by his wife Ann Marie Harley!

Cerebus and The Weeknd

Cerebus and Bone

Cerebus and Savage Dragon

Cerebus fashion

Cerebus in Swedish

Cerebus "Church and State" 5/5 stars

Cerebus covers shared

Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus Super Tuesday
[I think this one is broke... -Matt]

Cerebus Facebook Group
Margaret Liss shares: "Now & Then Books had the matchbooks made. As far as I remember Dave used up all of his back when he was smoking.
This book still has all the matches in it."

Calum Johnston shares

John Christian shares:
the Campaign '93 Retailer kit:

[You can get the recreation here. -Matt]

"Flyer for the "Spirits of Independence" show that Dave and I did in Austin in 1995. That was easily one of very favorite days of my several years in the comic book business."

My "work in progress" Jam Board from the show.
flyer for our stop on the 92 U.S. Tour.

Weldon Adams and Diana Shutz.
Anyone interested can read Dave's account of the weekend in Cerebus #166, and Diana's account of the weekend in Grendel: War Child #7.
Colleen Doran

Martin Wagner "Note the homemade PunisherRoach pin that Martin is wearing in his close-up picture. We made them from the plastic Punisher promo pins that Marvel sent us about 200 of."
Relaxing over a few beers after dinner at my house.

[Click for bigger -Matt]

[Click for bigger -Matt] 
[Click for even bigger -Matt]

Flyer for the "Cerebus Companion" launch signing that we did with Craig Miller and John Thorne, capped by a call-in Q & A phone chat with Dave for the fans that showed up. * Note the plug for our Pope Cerebus statues which we had just recently produced.
1991 Promo piece

I think maybe this issue features an excellent review of the first issue of my own comic, "Captain Zap", as well.
There's something about it that made me put it at the top of my read pile. "Captain Zap" sets the reader off on a journey that forces him to examine himself as an individual while the characters do the same. This isn't a comic to glance at, this is a comic to read and think about.
- Feature Magazine, Charles Brownstein
And MORE great stuff from John Christian

Capital City's "Internal Correspondence" magazine
Petunia Con
Comic Coulture
Friends of old Gerber portfolio
Comic Buyer's Guide

Margaret Liss: "A tracing paper drawing by Dave used in the making of Cerebus. Since Gerhard did the backgrounds. Page 586 in Form & Void"
[Ckick for the thing, you know...-Matt]

[...the boom -Matt]
Nathaniel ["The GODDAMN Batman" -Matt] Oberstein shares his goods
[Click for more detail -Matt]
And the votes are in

Larry Wooten

Margaret Liss: "Vote Cerebus and put the goat out to pasture"

Woo-doggy...Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: "The Seven Cent Nickel"


Brian West said...

Oliver, I have no fashion sense, but I thank you for the compliment anyway. My sense just narrows down to the thinking of what colors match which garments in my wardrobe. I wore the black blazer because the color of the sweatshirt (MAROON) underneath the "Approval" tee did not match the color of the tee itself (RED). So the blazer "cooled" down the outfit IMO.

Really I wore warmer colors in order to coincide with "March Madness." I'm a life long LOUISVILLE CARDINALS fan and wanted to show my support WITHOUT necessarily showing said support. I thought about putting my "L's up" (google that) but thought better of that. Could have been construed by Cerebus fans or at least fans outside of KY as a gang sign or something. Also didn't want to distract from my main point of the photo: SILVER CEREBUS #1 is OUT!

Anyway, thank you again. Gonna post Matt's latest "Please Hold" and then your latest entry of Cerebus Around the World onto Twitter this morning.


Tony Dunlop said...

Speaking of fashion sense - Colleen dresses as elegantly as she draws, doesn't she?

Brian West said...

Mr. Dunlop, I am only vaguely familiar with her work. However, looking at the picture of her, I am inclined to agree with you. She is dressed very nattily, if I do say so myself.

Tony again said...

Hi Brian,
I'd recommend going to a library & looking at a volume of "A Distant Soil" sometime, just to see if you like it. It's not everyone's cup of tea story-and-characterwise, but the drawing is so clean and pure - like fresh spring air after an April rainfall.

Brian West said...

Thank you for the recommendation, Tony. Much appreciated.

Brian West said...

Welp, there goes MARCH MADNESS! NCAA Tournament will only allow essential personnel and "limited family attendance" at the games this year in light of COVID-19 concerns. Will still be televised though. If anyone here, who happens to follow college basketball, wants to know what Coach K might say when he curses this might be your only chance.

Are there any Cerebus fans, besides myself, who even care about college basketball out here?

Tony again said...

Not me, but my nearly 80-year-old Dad basically self-quarantines in his house for 3 weeks every March. And apparently right now is a good time for a nearly 80-year-old to not be going out much. Good timing, NCAA!

Brian West said...

Thanks for chiming in there, Tony. I hope your dad is able to root for his team(s) this month but the way things are going (NBA Season Suspended, Tom Hanks sick!) he and the rest of America might miss out on March Madness this year.

In the grand scheme of things not a biggie. However, it's just bizarre to see major sporting events being cancelled for the foreseeable future. Never imagined this happening. Ever.

Steve said...

I wondered who bought that Cerebus match book, seems to have found a new home with Margaret. I was tempted, but not sorely.