Sunday, 15 March 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #19 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

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And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

As it is Sunday, we turn once again to Oliver Simonsen who scours the Internet (well, mostly Twitter...) and churns up EVERY reference to Cerebus, Dave Sim, Gerhard, glamourpuss, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, etc...

EVERY reference.


And ugly.

Let's do it...

Oliver Simonsen:

What a difference a week makes. Everything is on lockdown as everyone is doing their civic duty.
My hacker troubles are still ongoing. I did get reimbursed for the money taken via "Google Pay". I still don't have access to the gmail account itself though, which contains most of the Cerebus film info.

Cerebus on “10 Epic Books To Read During Your Self-Quarantine” list

Gerhard during coronavirus:
1) Stay indoors… check!
2) Isolate yourself… check!
3) Limit social contact… check!
(Finally, my job as an artist breaks in my favor.)
And remember to “…temper fear with reason, panic with patience and uncertainty with education…”
Or just take the day off:

Dave Sim/Gerhard on list of "Those artists that you started wanting to be like, or loved and every so often you return to for inspiration?"

Cerebus on list of "Any writers come to mind who wrote any 1 comics title for as long/longer than Claremont wrote xmen"

"Cerebus in Hell?" at Night-Flight Comics

Night-Flight Comics also looks back

AJ Diesel at "CBSl - comic book invest" finds Cerebus cathartic: "I always refer to comic books as my catharsis. They’ve always helped me in hard times, and this was certainly no different. I just started going through boxes and boxes of books. I was smiling and reading them and I found that peace in comic books that has always been there.So I started pulling some books that caught my eye."

Chris Pereira shares Cerebus bday card

Jordan and Cerebus

Letter printed in Cerebus

Cerebus in French

Cerebus in Spanish

"Cerebus Syndrome" part of vernacular

Legend Kurt Busiek knows his Cerebus

Cerebus "motion comic"

Cerebus is crazy good

Cerebus and the coronavirus
[This was two links to Twitter, one was a guy claiming that "Dave Sims" was suing him because he claimed that Cerebus gave him Corona virus, and the other was two guys talking about using comics for toilet paper. They LITERALLY were talking about shitting on stacks of Cerebus trades. Way to "Celebrate the work of Dave Sim and Gerhard" there Oliver... Here's a video of a baby laughing hysterically. -Matt]
[This is the "Cerebus and Walking Dead" tweet from above. I dunno what happened... -Matt]

Cerebus and Usagi Yojimbo

Cerebus and X-Men

New Todd McFarlane interview: "Dave Sim did Cerebus, did 300 issues. Now, we're going to have issue #301, which is the longest running creator-owned book in the history of mankind. So, I'm quite proud of that, especially as somebody who has been wailing off and on forever, seems like, about creator rights, officially since '92 when we formed Image Comics, and every issue thereafter now becomes that one"

Cerebus and Max von Sydow RIP
Gerhard prized sketch

New Dave Sim patreon

New Dave Sim vlogger viewer

Dave Sim wrote finest Warren comic ever published
[Click here to read the story -Matt]
Dave Sim comic book lettering

Dave Sim and UN Women

Cerebus reddit thread


First thing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman said “Hey! I like your shirt!”. Dion Turner shares.

Chris Clayton shares: "Cerebus wishes he had paid more attention in his Runes classes when he was young"

Chris Clayton also shares: "...picture of Cerebus that Dave and Gerhard drew for our soccer team on their UK tour back in 1986."

Kenneth W. Lieck shares Dave Sim's contribution to the comic anthology "AARGH - Artists Against Raving Government Homophobia".
The comic was designed to aid the fight against Clause 28, which was a controversial amendment to the Local Government Act 1988, a British law which was designed to outlaw the "promotion of homosexuality" by local authorities
[Click for bigger, or here to read the story -Matt]
Andre Trinidad shares his license plate

Riley Byrnes shares: Mail call! (Have read Cerebus in the past but wanted to go past Church &State)

Well that certainly was something...

Thanks Oliver.

Next Time: Mind Game II (seriously this time.)


Oliver said...

Matt, you are referring to 
"One of those Dave Sim phonebooks or Comic 2000 should last you throughout crisis"
and the nonsensical
"Sad to cancel my Cerebus comic festival but I am being sued by Dave sims for claiming his comic book gave me coronavirus"
which is just odd. 
Some tweets don't smell like roses and some are just weird, but i think it will give a skewed view if people think there's nothing but high praise alone out there. I do try to emphasize that there is a lot and certainly better than it was. My idea was to give a snapshot somewhat of the current zeitgeist. Give a mix. Anyway, odd public display on your part and hey no problem now i know and will post accordingly.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I abject to "Probably more efficient to stack those cerebus phonebooks up and use them as a squatty potty"

I can understand the impulse to not just focus on the glowingly positive, but talking about shitting on Dave's work? Yeah, that's where I've drawn my line.

(And the other guy I probably would have run, but joking about Dave suing you in relation to a pandemic is also over my line.)

Oliver said...

To be clear that was the third reply to the tweet. I'll be more careful if you want, but i can't control replies to any website article, youtube video, instagram post or twitter.
(On a different note - i just want to add: for those who maybe posted something Saturday and don't see it here. I try to finish up first thing Saturday morning so anything after that it will be in next Sunday's edition.)

JLH said...

Thank you for this every week, Oliver. It's a fun digest to peruse. I don't click on everything, but I do read it all.

Oliver said...

JLH, as great as individual posts can be as we look back on Cerebus' classic past and look forward to Cerebus' new exciting projects - the column's mostly about the vast quantity of the posts in the NOW. The sheer magnitude of Cerebus chatter in the present. A celebration of the brand's relevance, endurance and awareness could say it's a Cerebus world and we just live in it, but I won't be that hyperbolic - instead I'll let the massive proof posted each and every Sunday speak for itself:).

Tony Dunlop said...

"Brand?" That's right up there with "product" in the keck hierarchy of terms used to refer to a creative endeavor.

Oliver said...

Dave Sim himself uses both terms when referring to Cerebus