Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Benjamin Hobbs:

I've been a bit under the weather this week, so I won't be discussing the differences between the blending modes SCREEN and MULTIPLY as was teased last week.

Instead, here's the digital rough of Darth [REDACTED] from the upcoming VARK WARS: WALT'S EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. This was based on Matt Dow's description of what the character should look like. 

This is the raw scan of the final drawing:
The ink smear adds an air of authenticity that you just don't get with digital.
Next Week: A special guest! If his power is back on by then.


Brian West said...

"That's Wizard, Anakin!"

Dion said...

The lack of pants when everything else is covered, and the placement of the medallions - seems moderately perverse.
Which is ironic for a bloke that just wears a vest (when he feels like wearing clothes at all)

- Dion

Brian West said...


Your take reminds me of the tagline for Hooters Restaurants here in the States,"Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined."

Cerebus in Hell? "Moderately perverse, never _______." I can't come up with anything good to fill the blank there.

Anyway, I think you're right, unless the team at CIH? has given Darth [REDACTED] red shorts.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Check the cover, he has the red shorts.

In the inside of the issue?

Not so much...


Brian West said...


Dion said...

Oh no! Now I can’t unsee the ‘non-pants’!!!

Dion said...

I think I failed the Rorschach test here; the fact I saw no pants probably says a lot more about me than anything else!

Brian West said...


Well, to be fair, I had the benefit of knowing what the cover for VARK WARS: WALT'S EMPIRE STRIKES BACK #1 looked like before solicitation. So, I probably would have flunked myself without prior knowledge.