Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Flash sale on the new AMOC Shirt!

Hi, Everybody!

Stay safe!


And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

So, I was gonna post a bunch of pictures of Drunk Cerebus for Saint Patrick's Day, but then I got an e-mail that the new AMOc shirt:

Yeah, that one.
Is on sale for 50% off.

So if you DIDN'T get one last time, and want one, shoot an e-mail to momentofcerebus@gmail.com, letting me now what size and color you'd want. Here's the details:
Click for bigger
And they got other products too.

Here's a closer look at the logo:

The current price for a polo is $10.98 USD plus $6 for shipping. (If I get 'em out there for cheaper, I'll give ya a refund.)

Alright, you got until midnight Eastern time. (There's a minimum of 6 items, and a max of 10. So if you got something last time and want more, send me your request, and if NOBODY else wants something, you're in. Otherwise, I'll keep it in the kitty until the next sale.)

((And if you ordered the last time, your stuff is being shipped to me, and will be on it's way to you ASAIGI (As Soon As I Get It.)))

Next Time: Hobbs or Birdsong, whoever posts first...


crazyyears said...


I am confused. How many polos may I order? And as to "they got other products to": does that mean I can order a beanie or something with the logo on it?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


You can order as many as you want, but I'm limited to ten items at the sale price, and my cart already has four.

And, yeah, you could get any item they offer.

Just email me at momentofcerebus@gmail.com and let me know what, what size and what color.

Then I'll email you my paypal account and how much you owe.


The Refuge said...

Uh, thought you all might want to check this out. Some feminist group named Zora & one of their writers did an article tweeted on Twitter about how the coronavirus is hurting churches. Yet, it appears it's only black churches.

After I looked into it more, I found their motto is Unapologetic Women of Color. My tweets about to go viral or something & I was surprised at the feedback it's getting. It has over 6,000 impressions, about 600 engagements, over 70 likes, and 2 retweets.

I thought it might interest someone here or Dave Sim that most of them are against the feminists because they're using a world wide crisis not only as a platform for their cause, but saying everyone else of any color are inferior.

The thing is, the feminists pushed their dogma too far in the wrong direction, and others are actually standing up to them. Wasn't sure where to post this, but can you make sure Dave hears about it or such in your next chat with him so we can get his thoughts? Thanks a lot.

The Refuge said...

Sorry, the link should appear now. https://mobile.twitter.com/themotherbox1/status/1240418321469669379