Monday, 2 March 2020

Gerhard's selling Cerebus pages (and a cover!)

Hi, Everybody!

"Ya know what today is Matt?"

Uh...second of March...

"And what does THAT mean, Matt?"

That if Cerebus #300 was a person, this month it would be able to get a drivers license...

"What? No. What? That' No! It means Dave's gonna be calling you on Thursday, and the video will be up on Saturday."

Well, last I heard, Dave wasn't feeling great, so Please Hold might not happen, but by all means, post your questions here, or send them to and I'll either send them up now, of sit on them until April.
Speaking of, Gerhard emailed:
Hi Matt,

I had thought that this would show up on Oliver's 'Cerebus Around the World and Web'... but, no.

The original posted was on Feb 19th.

I posted a reminder today:

It's probably too late to get it in AMOC.
The auction's on Wed Mar 4

None of these folks have any money anyway.
None of us will after the coronavirus is finished with the stock market.

Best to you and the family,
Up for Auction is:
Cover to #188
#91 page 20
#98 page 1
#149 pages 14 and 15
#263 page 14 and 15
I can't afford any of that, so good luck Jeff!
And over at Heritage, they got all sorts of goodies. (Including the cover to issue #15, next month.)

Gee, I can't even remember what I was gonna post about before all that happened.

Next Time: If I remember, THAT...


Birdsong said...
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Jeff said...

Does this money go directly to Gerhard?

Gerhard said...

Let me know when Cerebus #300 is old enough to buy me a drink
...and Jeff, most of the money goes directly to me.
Prop Store keeps their cut, naturally.

Oliver said...

So sorry i missed the auction in my "around the world column"! I caught the Sequential Magazine half of the post, which i had already covered, and totally missed the auction part of it! Tweeted it just now though:)

Gerhard said...

Thanks Oliver,
No need to apologize and I didn't mean to sound critical.
With all of the stuff that you glean from the World Wide Wasteland, it's not surprising that you'd miss a bit here and there.
Keep up the great work.