Saturday, 7 March 2020

Please Hold For Dave Sim March 2020

Hi, Everybody!


And there is more High Society than you can shake a baby at.

And Dave's got stuff for Auction.
So Dave and I talked for an hour and eight minutes.

Part's one through four are Dave's answers to Brian West Questions:
Hey Matt, I got couple questions for Dave.

Does he think the feminists' belief in "interchangeability" in gender, sex, race, even species, has gotten more or less pervasive in our society since he penned "Tangent" nearly 19 years ago?

Also, does he think that the debate about interchangeability is another enactment of GOD vs. YHWH unfolding before us or not? 
Thank you for fielding my questions.

And then in part five Dave answers Dave Kopperman's question:
Is that SDOAR date of Christmas 2021 accurate? I think that's the first announcement I've seen. 
And part six , where Dave starts a new contest:

So the contest is, since March 2020 is the sixteenth anniversary of the release of Cerebus #300, make a video featuring Cerebus #300 with this song: 

Winner gets a signed copy of an issue of one of the Cerebus in Hell? one-shots.

Next Time: Oliver and more links than any one human could want to click...


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

The daylight savings bit would have been so much better, if it hadn't have taken so damn long to get the videos up...


Brian West said...

I hope Jeff Seiler has found his luggage.