Friday, 13 March 2020

The challenge of buying a large collection (Dave's Weekly Update #330)

Hi, Everybody!


Great new logo, right? Thanks Sean!

Next Time: Mind Game II.


Birdsong said...

Update on Button #2. 30 sold, 20 still available. Shipping all US orders today. On my way to the post office to drop those off and pick up customs forms for the International orders because no on likes the guy that holds up the line filling out customs forms. Heading out once I get my hazmat suit on.

Dave has received his buttons and pronounced them awesome.

Will trade buttons for toilet paper and bourbon.

Brian West said...

Mind if I share this info on Twitter later on today?

Birdsong said...

Sorry, Brian, just saw this. You are welcome to post anything I say publicly about the inner workings of this well-oiled publishing venture.

Brian West said...

No worries. I just saw your comment from two days ago today. Thank you.