Thursday, 7 May 2020

Cerebus #1 For Sale, and it's cheap (relatively.) AND awesome!

Hi, Everybody!

AW Snap! Don't own a Cerebus #1? Only have a counterfeit? Or the Bi-Weekly reprint? Only own it in Swords or the phonebook?

Well, brudda have I got a Kickstarter for you:
Sourced from Sean Michael Robinson's remastered Phonebooks, and (in the Gold and Platinum Editions) backed full of 24 pages of extras and commentary by Dave.

I'm backer #1!

The gold and platinum WILL be printed in metallic ink.

I got a preview proof copy (It's good to be the King.) and: It. Is. Amazing! (Dave thinks so too. We just talked for an hour and thirty-eight minutes.)

Next Time: Dave's Weekly Update!


Steve said...

Yeah, this is one I'll put some dollars behind.


Eric Bahringer said...

Hey is there an easy way to go two reward levels? IE $95 + $99

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


If you're still trying to do this, shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can do to help.