Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Equally maligned Presidential candidate.  The CIH? team does not do endorsements without remuneration.
Yeah, the words run upside down.  How else is he supposed to read it?

It's finally here... Cerebus Campaign 2020 Button #3 and just in time as the newly remastered High Society has completed the ordering process and awaits the restart of the printing presses for late Spring/early Summer shipping.

Complete your set today right here:

The Blue State Button

And yes, this completes the set.  If there are future buttons they will be a part of another item (such as printed versions of the Coronavirus trilogy [all four of them] <WHAT?!?>)

Also still available in limited quantities, 14 as of this morning:

The Red State Button

With the worldwide economy undergoing the equivalent of a root canal without anesthesia things have changed as far as more buttons in this series are concerned.  There may be a few sets available in very limited quantities, but if you want all three it's probably best to get these now.  There are several exciting things coming from Dave that will eclipse these things like an elephant standing over a corona virus.  (Gee whiz, anymore metaphors or are you done?)

Awww man, he's not wearing gloves!

Also still available:

The APPROVAL IS AN AUTHORITARIAN CONSTRUCT t-shirt.  There were hoodies, but AMAZON has temporarily limited some items to focus on higher priority items during the current global situation.  Comes in Black, Red or White:



Would you buy a shirt from this aardvark?

Thanks everyone, stay safe!

Update for International Buyers:  If you live under a repressive government that has decided it would not be safe for you to purchase a harmless lapel pin from eBay (and the bollocks-challenged, brain-dead-tax-policy executives at eBay that went along with it) then please contact me at and I will give you that day's exchange rate and the price for First Class International Shipping (which is the cheapest option).  Fell free to contact me via eBay as well.  And, hey, guess what online service will never be used again to sell any CIH? merchandise that I am in charge of.  Go ahead, guess.

Next time:  Something REALLY BIG


john g said...

I apologize for the pedantic douchiness on my part, but I believe you meant to use the word “remuneration” here?

Birdsong said...

Wadda ya talkin' about? It says "remuneration" right there.


Seriously, I'm so worried about how much I double type letters with my bad hand I'm apt to miss a few things here and there.

Goatsmell said...

Well, shoot. You can't get this shipped to Canada.


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


I think David would hold on to one and ship it once Canada reopens.


Birdsong said...

Oh wow, I had no idea they couldn't go there. If you are an international buyer and eBay won't send them to you let me know @