Friday, 8 May 2020

Christopher Woerner, "What I Learned" (Dave's Weekly Update #338)

Hi, Everybody!


Everybody say "Thanks Sean!" for the logo.

What I Learned by Christopher Woerner. (You're Welcome.)

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: The short version, if you want a copy, mail a check for fifty dollars American to :
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
Or, go to and click the one time donation button (there are three of them $1 $5 $10, click any of them, and adjust the quantity to $75 (or $80 if you're using the $10 one,) (the price is higher because uses Canadian monies...) Then send an email to to let him know how you want your name spelled.

Hey look, 1977 Cerebus #1 for...EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! You can get a Remastered 2020 one for Ten Bucks! (Or, if you have the money for the former, you can get your weight in the latter. Food for thought...) (Oh, and you'll be able to READ the 2020 version...)

And coming next week, Dave and Ger art for sale.

And The Coronavirus Trilogy: CRISIS IN INFINITE QUARANTINE, BATVARK: CORONAVIRUS, SUPER CEREBUS VS COVID-19, and the fourth part from Saturday: The League of Extraordinary Corona. And the Daily Cerebus in Hell? strips. Which have been written and assembled for you at no cost, so if you wanna maybe buy some High Society Red State buttons, or Blue State buttons that'd be great. Supplies are limited, when they're gone they're gone. And, word 'round the campfire is that Diamond is opening and shipping around May 20th, either way, Green Dante/Green Virgil is the next Cerebus in Hell issue to ship.

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I call it: Please Hold For Dave Sim 5/2020


Anonymous said...

Yay me!

They're all on Amazon, I have printed copies that can be autographed and mailed if anybody cares.


Steve Peters said...

Wait, so is Dave in the 2020 Guinness book?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

You know it hurts me that you don't read everything I post Steve...

Hurts me deep.