Saturday, 2 May 2020

CiH? Daily Strip #16

From the Head Office in Kitchener, Ontario, it's TODAY'S Cerebus in Hell?!!!:

CiH Daily Strip #16


Jeff said...

My question/s for Dave this month: Hi, Dave! I'm wondering, did you know when you finished JAKA'S STORY that you were going to bookend that with RICK'S STORY (much like you bookended WOMEN with GUYS? And, if IIRC, you printed your multi-part essay entitled "Mama's Boy" in the back of the book during the RICK'S STORY run. We never saw Rick interacting with his mum, but Snatcher was sort of a surrogate mother to him (in a very manipulative, bad way), right?

Jeff said...

Oh, and shout-out to Larry Hart for writing the letter to Dave that initiated the "Mama's Boy" essay. Hey, Larry!