Friday, 22 May 2020

Cory from Mississippi (Dave's Weekly Update #340)

Hi, Everybody!


Everybody say "Thanks Sean!" for the logo.

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Fundraising Edition, if you'd like to get a copy of the book a year(? or more?) before it goes to press AND at the same time, fund Dave's California sales trip (rescheduled for whenever California opens for business), mail a check for fifty dollars American to :
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
Or, go to (where you can still get "The Best Deal in Comics" all 16 volumes for $99 Canadian!) and click the one time donation button (there are three of them $1 $5 $10, click any of them, and adjust the quantity to $75 (or $80 if you're using the $10 one,) (the price is higher because uses Canadian monies...) Then send an email to to let him know how you want your name spelled. This ends on May 31st

The Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1 (which is already funded, at this point more money means more extras.) Ten(?) days until the campaign ends. The most recent update:
Today's update brings a lot of news.
First, we have worked out with Dave what the extra add-on's will be, and these should make a lot of you happy. We will unveil them on Monday for the final week stretch of the Cerebus No. 1 Kickstarter.
Second, We have posted a photo of the Cerebus Sketchbook on the "stretch goal" section on the main campaign page. The sketchbook is comic book size and contains 16 thick, blank pages ready for you or or favorite comic artists to fill up with drawings of Cerebus. The cover has the No. 1 flames with a large blank area also ready to be drawn on. Dave has penned a new introduction and the inside back cover has a previously unpublished Cerebus sketch by Dave. We are a little over $500 away from unlocking this one and we think it's a really cool piece to add to your collection, whether you fill it full of drawings or keep it blank.
Third, Dave has offered another group of (mostly) on-off's from the Cerebus Archive. These have been popular in the campaign, but some of you have expressed disappointment at missing out on some of these. If any of you are interested in these rarities, all hand signed and numbered by Dave, then feel free to send us a note and we can send out a list of what's available on an individual bases.
A few items we have multiples of like "Dave Sim's Collected Letters Volume 2" TPB, signed & numbered edition of 3. We also have the remastered first TPB reprinting Cerebus 1-25, signed & numbered edition of 5. (See photos below) All of these come directly from the Cerebus Archive.
We really appreciate all of your support and your suggestions in the comments section. Keep them coming!
More to come soon!
Dave and Ger art for sale.

And The Coronavirus Trilogy: CRISIS IN INFINITE QUARANTINE, BATVARK: CORONAVIRUS, SUPER CEREBUS VS COVID-19, and the fourth part from Free ComicBook Day: The League of Extraordinary Corona. And the Daily Cerebus in Hell? strips. Which have been written and assembled for you at no cost, so if you wanna maybe buy some High Society Red State buttons, or Blue State buttons that'd be great. Supplies are limited, when they're gone they're gone. And, word 'round the campfire is that Diamond is opening and shipping around May 20th, either way, Green Dante/Green Virgil is the next Cerebus in Hell issue to ship.

Next Time: Aardvark Comment and Adam Beechen.


Jeff said...

That Dave & Get art looks like a print, not original art. And nowhere in the description does is it indicated to be original art.

Jeff said...

Ger. Fucking autocorrect. It just autocorrected Ger to Her. Thrice. Fucking autocorrect. Can't figure out how to turn it off.

Gerhard said...

Looks like the original to me, as featured on my blog March 6th 2019:


Tony Dunlop said...

It's proofreading you, Jeff.

Jeff said...

Sorry, Ger. My bad. Very sorry. Guess I better bid on it.

Forry, forry, forry!