Tuesday, 5 May 2020

"Life is just full of little frustrations for you, isn't it?"

Hi, Everybody!

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: The short version, if you want a copy, mail a check for fifty dollars American to :
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
Or, go to cerebusdownloads.com and click the one time donation button (there are three of them $1 $5 $10, click any of them, and adjust the quantity to $75 (or $80 if you're using the $10 one,) (the price is higher because cerebusdownloads.com uses Canadian monies...) Then send an email to eddiesdoar@gmail.com to let him know how you want your name spelled.

Dave and Ger art for sale, auction starts on the 14th.

And The Coronavirus Trilogy: CRISIS IN INFINITE QUARANTINE, BATVARK: CORONAVIRUS, SUPER CEREBUS VS COVID-19, and the fourth part from Saturday: The League of Extraordinary Corona. And the Daily Cerebus in Hell? strips. Which have been written and assembled for you at no cost, so if you wanna maybe buy some High Society Red State buttons, that'd be great. Blue State buttons coming soon (maybe Wednesday.) Supplies are limited, when they're gone they're gone. And, word 'round the campfire is that Diamond is opening and shipping around May 20th, either way, Green Dante/Green Virgil is the next Cerebus in Hell issue to ship.

And Dave's calling on Thursday, so get me your questions either in the comments, or directly to momentofcerebus@gmail.com

And and, This


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Dave Kopperman said...

Matt: pulling from the FA interview, Dave says this about inking: "An inker, to me, is a very functional, mechanical kind of thing. [...] Gerhard's not an inker, Gerhard's an artist." Which sounds to me like at the time, Dave made a pretty clear distinction between inking and art (ala the 'Chasing Amy' running joke of everyone calling the inker a 'tracer'). I wonder if Dave still agrees with the underlying principle of this, given his own focus for the last fifteen years, with his visual efforts going to an exploration of the great photorealist inking techniques - with much of his own work literally tracing images and then deploying his technique on it. I personally have a very broad definition of art, and I do think that his documented journey of the medium (which I recall first seeing hints of in a piece he did for the Comics Journals "Cartoonists on Comics" special) ABSOLUTELY falls under the umbrella of art, but...

In other words, is inking art? Is only SOME inking art? And if there is a distinction, Is intent a big part of that distinction?