Monday, 1 June 2020

"And then?"

Hi, Everybody!

Hope you ordered your copy of the Fundraising Edition of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, because that deal has expired. Much like a certain Aardvark.

Who has a new book available for order: The Amicable Spider-Vark. And appears everyday in his daily Cerebus in Hell? strip.

Cerebus. I'm talking about Cerebus (jeez, you'd think the banner at the top of the page would be a clue...)

Anyway, this.

And then:

And the aftermath of his shot:

Click for bigger, and here for more information. 
(If you want a piece of Dave Sim and Gerhard art, you got until Tuesday.)

(You also have until Tuesday to back the Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1. The latest update:
Greetings, today brings our last full day of this Cerebus No. 1 campaign and we have reached the $40k stretch goal. In additon to all of the previous stretch rewards, you will all receive "The Secret History of the Counterfeit Cerebus No. 1" mini-comic. Should we reach the 50k goal by 8pm EST tomorrow then it gets upgraded to a full size comic.

Dave did come across a few more copies of Spawn #10 which he has signed, and we also put up a few more Proof #2 bundles in case any of you missed out.
Don't forget that you can add the extra add-on items including Dave's original Cerebus drawings on the cover of the sketchbook by simply manually adjusting your pledge amount. All the extras help us get closer to the 50k goal which adds another comic sized Cerebus book to your collection!

Nothing offered in this campaign will be widely distributed to retail stores. The books and all extras are being produced based on the number of orders we receive.

We can't thank all of you enough for your support. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for Dave, just leave them in the comments section on the main page and we will respond to as many of you as we can on an hourly basis starting at noon to the end of the campaign at 8pm EST tomorrow!)

I know it ruins the "Sotto Voce" approach I do in these things, but has anybody else ever noticed that when Cerebus becomes Prime Minister, he has a MUCH shorter cape? Like why does the PM need a cape that damn long. I mean it can't be for status. Status is a tall pointy hat (EVERYBODY knows that!). Skipping ahead, when he shows up The Evening Before, he's not wearing the cape, which means this is a one-off gag.

And Dave's calling on Thursday, so get me your questions either in the comments, or directly to
Next Time: I have no idea. I'm sure something will present itself...

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