Friday, 5 June 2020

Baby Yoda scraps (Dave's Weekly Update #342)

Hi, Everybody!


Everybody say "Thanks Sean!" for the logo.

Let me guess, you were late to the Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, and now you're despondent at missing out?

Well pally, I got some good news/bad news for you.

The Waverly Press is offering a "second chance" over on Indiegogo:

You can get the Red, Gold, and Platinum editions of the Remastered #1. AND you can buy all the extras the Kickstarter backers are getting for free (Hey pal: You snoozed you loosed.) And if you got a large wad of cash, you can even get a Cerebus head sketch by Dave Sim.

Now for the "Youse guys suck!" news. The indiegogo has a FOURTH cover that the Kickstarter didn't have. (It's the image from the postcard, calm down.) And if you backed the Kickstarter you can get that one as it's own separate reward without having to pay for stuff you already paid for. (Put down the torches, I'm just the messenger here...)

The other thing is a box of prototypes of the trading cards was sent to Dave, and ended up in Oslo, Norway. Dave JUST got them, and signed, numbered, and marked each one "OSLO" and they have been added to two reward tiers: All four covers and single random card, and all four covers AND the bundle of stretch rewards and one random card. If you backed the Kickstarter you're getting copies of the cards that weren't signed by Dave. (Yeah, yeah, "Boo." "Boooo." I can do it too. Before you start grabbing blunt instruments of destruction, there's only like a hundred of these, so all 567 of you wouldn't have gotten them. Yeah it has Dave's signature, but a REAL Cerebus fan has Dave's signature on more pieces of paper than he could ever hope to display. If you're REALLY unhappy, I'd like to remind you that I'm "Go-And-Tell-Them-Stuff" Wise Fellow, NOT "Listen-To-Their-Woes" Wise Fellow...

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Birdsong said...

I just got an update from the Kickstarter for Cerebus No. 1 saying the Indiegogo version is ending sometime around next weekend so don't hesitate.

Gary Dunaier said...

I just found out about this via the e-mail announcing the Indiegogo project. Is the Red Standard 24-page edition essentially a Facsimile Edition of Cerebus #1?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


It's Cerebus #1 with Sean Robinson's remastered art.

As Dave has said, it's Cerebus #1 as he always intended it to look.


Jeff said...

But, I'm guessing it won't be offsized, or if so, more than offsized?

Margaret said...

This reminds me, I need to write Dave and let him know to keep sending stuff. There is some stuff in these piles that I'm recycling, but most of it is going in archival sleeves and in a binder.

Thanks Dave!

Birdsong said...

Jeff, I'm pretty sure it will be the same size as the Cerebus in Hell? issues. The problem back in 1977 was that the printer printed it at Golden Age size (the size that makes it hard to do a parody when you are trying to match all the elements on a modern size cover template).

Gary Dunaier said...

Will it include the non-comics material that appeared in the original Cerebus #1 (text pieces, ads)?

Sean R said...

Yes Gary, it's got it all!