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Cerebus Around the World and Web #31 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi Everybody!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter for the remastered Cerebus #1, you got a last minute chance to pick one up because there's a Indiegogo where you can buy the Red, Gold, or Platinum Editions. There's also a Promotional cover:
- Expanded 48 page promotional edition! This version features a graphic front cover with the project bio on the back cover, bound outside of a gold cover 48 page expanded edition. It's a double cover!
You can also BUY all the stretch rewards that the fine Kickstarter folks are getting for "free" (I mean they had to pay to back the Kickstarter, but the DIDN'T have to pay extra for the stretch rewards.) Yoiu can also buy the add-on rewards the Kickstarter folks had to pay for.

AND...there's a hundred "OSLO" TRADING CARDS 
- A box of Cerebus trading card prototype samples were sent to Dave in Canada. Somehow the box ended up in Oslo, Norway where it disappeared. Nearly 2 months later it re-appeared at Dave's doorstep. Dave has had signed, numbered and marked each trading card "OSLO." These are only available here for the duration of this campaign!
BUT if you backed the Kickstarter, you're already getting those cards, they just don't have Dave's signature. (And come on, at this point who doesn't have more copies of Dave's signature than they know what to do with? Really? Wow...just me? Okay...)

The Indiegogo ends in less than a week. (I mean I find something I've forgotten about completely that has Dave's signature on it laying around the AMOC Cave at least once a week... Have you checked your collection lately? Just sayin'...)

The newest Cerebus In Hell? The Amicable Spider-Vark is available to order from Diamond. Green Dante/Green Virgil is in stores, and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back should be in stores the last Wednesday of the month.

And now, Oliver Simonsen:

"REMASTERED AND EXPANDED CEREBUS NO. 1" huge kickstarter success came to a close
"REMASTERED AND EXPANDED CEREBUS NO. 1" continues it's amazing success at indiegogo for one more week - NOW WITH THE CHOICE OF A FOURTH COVER AND LIMITED EDITION TRADING CARD! (And the Trading Card is from Norway! My dual citizenship "other home" country!)

Legendary Gail Simone promoting Cerebus for Black Lives Matter-related fundraisers

Cerebus for Black Lives Matter-related fundraisers covered by Bleeding Cool

Dave Sim draws Malcolm X. Dave Sim's collaborator of many years, Sandeep Atwal, runs the Malcolm X site containing the most complete collection of Malcolm X speeches, debates and interviews ever assembled.

Legendary ‎Jeff Nicholson‎ buys Cerebus Remastered: You may recall High Society was the first “phone book” edition, since Dave had already covered 1-25 in the Swords of Cerebus volumes. I had those, and managed to fill my comics issue collection back to #51, so High Society was a much welcome release. Anyhow, I sold all those off decades ago in my poor man days. In celebration of my local shop re-opening (Flying Colors in Concord, CA), I wanted to start over again and was surprised with this remastered edition of book one with white paper rather than newsprint. It looks great!

Bleeding Cool: "The Smile of the Absent Cat was a real highlight of the recent Grant Morrison era of Heavy Metal Magazine. And it's back on the schedule. The Smile of the Absent Cat will be published in both paperback and hardcover for January 12th, 2021."

Lisa Schmeiser (Editor at ITPro Today and podcaster at The Incomparable) can't help thinking of Cerebus

Cerebus on the Mount Rushmore of Comics





Cerebus and Spawn in Spanish

Cerebus and Spawn in Portuguese

Cerebus favorite quote

Dave Sim in Scott McCloud's "Reinventing Comics"
“I have to admit that I was one of those people who thought that Woody Allen abandoning his "earlier funny ones" for Stardust Memories and Interiors was interchangeably "gutsy" and "insane" ("gutsy" when I liked the result and "insane" when I didn't).” -Dave Sim
Cerebus Comics Journal Review from a couple of years ago

"When you appear to have everything I ever dreamed of as kid" Dept

Cerebus is a good day

Cerebus memories

Cerebus Church and State

Cerebus review series in Spanish? Not sure - didn't click link in tweet

Cerebus Toy

Robert Brian L. West reading up on the news and "Cerebus in hell?"

Cerebus shared in Italy: "...represents the ultimate goal of comic strip narration." (thank you google translate)

Frank Ferrante: ATTENTION GROUCHO FANS looking for a laugh, a smile. I am pleased to share with you - the official Groucho Marx website. Years in the making, it highlights rare Groucho videos and photos - some never seen. Featured is Groucho Internet Radio - 24 hours of Groucho's "You Bet Your Life," "Flywheel Shyster & Flywheel" and much more. The Magazine Covers gallery is testament to Groucho's impact on pop culture. The Groucho Career Chronology is chock full of fun tidbits. The site will continue to evolve. Let me know what aspects of the site you enjoy. And...Hail Freedonia!

Cerebus and Barry Windsor Smith

James Windsor Smith draws Cerebus

Kathy Acker and Cerebus

Cerebus Facebook

Theodore Trout reviewing Cerebus

John Christian‎ has added to his collection

James Windsor-smith: "Barry Windsor-Smiths "monster" coming January 2021 from Fantagraphics"
Brian Payne: Your "brothers" been busy! Good stuff!
James also shares Lord Quas

James Windsor Smith draws Ahhhnold the isshurian

and Cerebus

Dion Turner shares many "Like-a-look" Grouchos - inspired by Cerebus?
[It wasn't. It was inspired by Groucho's letter to Warner Bros. over A Night In Casablanca -Matt]
Daniel W. Cisek shares

Dan Eckhart: I’m re-reading Jaka’s Story and I’ve only ever had the phone books. Is it notated anywhere on what page the monthly comics each started?
Margaret Liss: Here you go Dan - this page on my website has it. there is also an excel file with it sorted by phonebook:

Brendan Hunt rates the Cerebus Graphic Novels

Larry Wooten shares his original Cerebus art

Larry: "My wife found my old Groucho button so I put it by my Cerebus."

Ron Essler's proofreading reread continues
[I asked: Anybody know what Dave was talking about? I guess I could ask him when he calls on Thursday. -Matt]
Gabriel McCann:
[This is what happens when the kids wanna run around the backyard, and I don't wanna be in the sun. I sit in the shade and read Cerebus.- Matt]
Ron: as the trial goes on, and the tension builds, Dave decided that the only way out was for Cerebus to do the Cowardly lion, and run away, and jump out a window.
Ron: Apparently there's something going on with For now, here's Judenhass if you need it.

Ron's Cerebus merch
[Margaret gave me the Young Cerebus and another one (Candidate?) and I just bought the other three. -Matt]
[Bearded fat guy on the internet who talks about comics? I am such a @#$%ing cliche...-Matt]
Gift to Ron Essler and his kid, Janis, from Dave Sim
[Click for bigger. -Matt]

Ron Essler was missing a player card for Dungeon Dice and made one (the game is from 1977 no less)
[I made a second one from the panel in issue #4 where Cerebus escapes from jail. -Matt]
Dave Sim art from the fanzine Graphic Visions #2 from September 1975. Dave did the cover and had a piece inside as well.

Dave Sim art from the fanzine Graphic Visions #1 summer of 1975.

A while back I picked up a piece of Dave Sim art that was dated 1975. I knew I had seen it before, but wasn’t sure where. Today I found where I saw it: Dark Fantasy #7
[Click for bigger -Matt]
Lee Bentley:
What character in the Cerebus storyline would you most like to see in a spin-off stand-alone graphic novel? I'd pick Elrod. He's a great parody character, he's got loads of personality, and as Dave pointed out, we never get to see how he escapes the awful fates Cerebus usually left him in.
Many great suggestions and my cue to show off my "in progress" spin offs:)

Eolake Stobblehouse: I stumbled over this. (Mick and Keef.) Where's it from?

Ron fills him in kindly on our Cerebus animated movie still in progress.

Me: I don't have a whole lot to add - you covered that nicely. Thank you. We started a "little while ago" and have worked transparently, but keeping it on the low. Like most I couldn't fathom how much work it is. I realize now why Pixar might take 8 years and spend 200 million on a movie. We are indie so they won't lose any sleep over us, but yeah my life has become consumed with this movie - a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into it by me and 200 artists. You never know who might drop out as naturally other things have to take priority some times when you are no budget, but so many have gone above and beyond. It's a Creator Rights movie so if anything comes of this insane gamble those involved will get a bigger piece of the pie then they normally would. CGI artists as with comic book artists are often taken advantage of.

Theodore Trout in the comments expresses interest (and joins us!) and draws Cerebus. Theo's excellent work on the The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers has been covered in this column previously.

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: I'm not sure yet...


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

There's a dead link in there somewhere.

First person to find it gets a prototype of the bookmark from the remastered Cerebus #1 Kickstarter.

Email your guess to

(I'll be nice, and extend this to the first three guessers.)

Steve said...

Hey Matt -

Yeah, I hear you on the "one more thing signed by Dave" deal.

I've gone back to the Indiegogo page several times, looking at the stuff, trying to decide if I REALLY want something else.

But after some recent eBay purchases, Kick Starter, and SDOAR, I have to decide it's enough as it is.

What I do want to know: if Indiegogo kicks the funding over $50K will that reward get unlocked?


Gary Dunaier said...

I ordered one of the $10 remastered editions of Cerebus #1 via Indiegogo. Is it possible for me to order a second copy without having to incur a separate shipping charge?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Steve: to quote the great German philosopher Schultz: I KNOW NUTZING! NUTZING!!!

Gary: In a few minutes, two reds should be an option on the Indiegogo, just change your pledge to that. And Bob's your uncle. (As far as I know.)