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Cerebus Around the World and Web #33 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

Quick! Everybody call your local comic book shop and tell them: "I NEED BATVARK PENIS IN MY BOX!" or ask them to order you the "Censored for Grandma" variant: BATVARK XXXXX! You should know the number, you called it to ask them to order you The Amicable Spider-Vark, and they had your copy of Green Dante/Green Virgil, and they'll have your copy of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back on Wednesday:

Oliver Simonsen:

Remember when I would plug my comic of yesteryear here?
What happened to here he is again. This is an earlier incarnation from High School - as you see my drawing ability has not gotten any better
I've gotten plenty rusty and do itch to draw more - so therefore the banner this time:). That's my excuse. "CZ" from my publishing company "WC"! Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't use acronyms. Anyway, here's some "ASMFDOC" related news:)
Will Cerebus become the Godfather of indie animation? Here's some indie animated movies making a splash this week.

Or better yet will it get the budget (and not to mention one of my favorite Directors) that it deserves - is James Gunn Directing Cerebus in his upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie?
he'd watch it anyway:)
...with a cameo by Film and Comic Book Critic, Kyle Pinion, as Lord Julius?

Ticket lines are lining up around the block
"ThaiMarvelFan" has this covered

and i had to get in on the fun too

With James Gunn directing Cerebus I'll be directing Silver Surfer - here with background drawn by Gerhard

Meanwhile here's some traditional 2D Cerebus animation progress by Theodore Trout

From this page
Here's his Lord Julius duckwalk test
Cerebus Sc 03.gif

And here is Theodore's progress on his Cerebus reread:

Cerebus and Roger Rabbit

Cerebus original art

Cerebus changed legendary Colin Upton's world

Cerebus also changed this mystery person

Cerebus Syndrome part of vernacular

Cerebus guide to self publishing

Dave Sim "Bill of Rights" in Spanish

Bleeding Cool spotlights "Strange Death of Alex Raymond"

plugging away

Frank Thorne and Cerebus

Cerebus drawn by "alianganger"

Cerebus "Going Home" volume reviewed

A look at the Cerebus "Melmoth" volume

Cerebus and manga

Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic and TV episode

Cerebus hardcopy

Growing up with Cerebus

Got into Cerebus early on

Cerebus is the favorite

Cerebus on list of greatest comics ever produced

When you think Canadian you think Dave Sim

Dave Sim drawing lesson in Potuguese

Cerebus in painting by NFN Kalyan

Cerebus and Friends

Bleeding Cool spotlioght upcoming "Cerebus in hell?" comic: "...the target of this parody is the comic book that killed Vertigo, Batman: Damned. The one that managed to get on Stephen Colbert and saw DC Comics crack down on all content as a result of Bruce Wayne showing us all that he was circumcised."
Also in Russian

Batvark is comfort comics

They forgot about Dre

Cerebus and Scooby

Dave Sim autobiography

Cerebus in Spanish
Cerebus and Spawn in Portuguese

And because today is Father's Day here in the USA

Cerebus Facebook Group

"SkyHigh" paints Cerebus

SkyHigh draws a female version of Cerebus

Robert Cox thanks Margaret Liss who sent these to him in the UK out of the goodness of her heart

Clay Moore: I’d like to share this piece a friend of mine commissioned for me from Gerhard- an illustration of my family’s cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. It’s among my prized possessions and I thought you all might enjoy it.
[Click for bigger -Matt]

James Windsor-smith shares:

[Also with the clicking and the biggering -Matt]

The last one is for the Cerebus radio show!

David Branstetter shares

John Glismann shares 1986. When Dark Knight and Cerebus ruled the world.

Dan Eckhart asks about the lack of musical instruments in Cerebus ie does Jaka dance in silence?
[I answered. It turned into "stump the Editor" -Matt/"Ron"]
Stephen Conley isn't hearing back from Graphitti Designs regarding shirt - at least one other person had the same issue

Cody Blaylock: Finally bought the High Society Audio/Visual book I've been wanting to buy for a long time. I wish all the Cerebus books were adapted in this format.


Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: Unless something else "blowed up real goooood..." Mail Call!

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