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Cerebus Around the World and Web #34 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi Everybody!

Dave's calling on Thursday, but we're NOT doing Please Hold. Since the only question anybody is gonna send in is "What the hell happened on The Strange Death of Alex Raymond?" we're doing a little something I like to call The Bizarre Autopsy of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: What Went Wrong, AND HOW!

Heritage has the cover for issue #30, and some glamourpuss art too, NEW ADDITION: Strange Death of Alex Raymond preliminary sketches by Dave.

Be sure to order your copies of the newest Cerebus In Hell?: Batvark PENIS! or the "Censored for Grandma" variant: Batvark XXXXX! And if you want a copy of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back signed by Dave & Me, details at the link.

Carson Grubaugh: "I now have the rights to publish all 48 pages of #youdontknowjack which I made with #davesim and @isleofjack Kickstarter to open in three weeks or so. Keep an eye out for updates!"

In the comments section
"Escape Pod Comics" comic book store asks: Retailer level?
Carson:I want there to be one, yes. Sean Robinson and I are working on this over the next few weeks. What would you, as the the most Two-Fistedest of all Comic Store Managers like to see from a retail-level tier?
Nathan Wiedemer: That’s great news Carson - I know you put a ton of work into these. They look amazing, I hope they’re a huge success for you!

Cerebus items up for bid in the #ComicWritersChallenge to raise funds for #BLM causes

Dave Sim on "Comic-Book Mount Rushmore"

Cerebus "literally the only comic that can be said to be on the level if not better than the biggest of the classics of literature"

Cerebus time for dialogue

Read all of Cerebus

Cerebus one of the best

Dave Sim and broken wrist

Gerhard and Sal Buscema

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cerebus and X-Men

Cerebus crossovers

Unforgettable Cerebus napkin sketch

Cerebus like epic endeavor

Cerebus full run

Cerebus an immensely powerful and influential aesthetic experience

Cerebus on time in Spanish

Cerebus character arc

Cerebus 200

Cerebus preceding

Cerebus HVAC

Cerebus Catalan translation

Wishing one can draw like Dave Sim and Gerhard

Cerebus bold

Cerebus an indie shared world

Cerebus, Bone and Exit

Lord Julius intro

Cerebus Facebook Group
The Cerebus group might just be the busiest in all of facebook:).

"Sky High" who has been posting her amazing art and animation in the group of late will be joining our film - we'll be extending our 2d "lama lotus scene" further:). So for those who love traditional animation, and who doesn't, there will now be three hand drawn cartoons - unless any of the artists come to their senses and drop out:). Sky will be joining after her bday in July - can you believe all that skill and talent and she's not even 18? She's going to go far.

Unfortunately we can't seem to get gifs to play so click on link to see the animation

And Theodore Trout, long time Cerebus reader and group poster who has recently joined shared his Lord Julius duckwalk progress (again click link to see animation)

[I've played with this for twenty minutes. At this point, I don't know if it's that Blogger doesn't like GIFs, or if the GIFs were shared as unshareable (if that makes sense...) -Matt]

To get a sense of the tremendous task of hand drawn animation and it's actual cost I figure I'd share this post by Emmy award winning, 6 time nominated Director/Animator Mike Milo, who was kind enough to help out on our film back in the day
"10 minutes of animation can range from 100k to 600k depending on what you want. Ten minutes of the Goofy movie quality? Shit man that's gotta be upwards of 500k"
I constantly see similar posts by other animators and comic book artists. Also see in the comments:
"The Simpsons takes 9 months to make and the production budget is $350k+ before paying the cast. Pixar: $2 million per minute."
And here's a nice graph
And hey here's an interview Mike Milo did with me:)

Margaret Liss shares video of a group reading of "Summit Enchanted Evening" with Jeff Tundis, Lenny Cooper Matt Dow and Dave Sim as Lord Julius:

Gilly Singh shares one of his favorite pages

In the comments Christopher Woerner shares a live reading video with him and Jeff Tundis:
Derek Smith shares a Cerebus panel

Ron Essler shares autopsy panel

Ron shares ref: The thing Iguana is holding is a reference to this

James Windosr-smith: "Dave's letter in the brand new issue of rare bit fiends, which came out today"

James in the comments: While we are at it...Menachem Luchins

James shares about Dore's life: Today a post from Dave Sim's collaborator!

Lee Bentley asks about all Cerebus references

Lee Bentley Cerebus spin off story idea

Aaron Keeler posts Chris Ryall portrait by Dave Sim.
Chris: "I'm not where the reference came from -- neither image is taken directly from a photo so even if he did find reference for me online, he still did all-new images here"
And a Dave Sim quote from elsewhere:
"...this close to age 60. I'm barely getting 2 pages done a week at 12 hours a day, 6 days a week so if I have to stop and do a photorealism drawing of a journalist as a trade-off for good coverage (which would be an incentive this time around: a photorealistic talking head of the paper's favourite columnist with a word balloon), that's going to drop me, pretty quickly, into 1 page a week or less"

John Ferrigno asks about reading all of Cerebus

Nate West starting reread

Ron Essler shares Cerebus panels

Gary Boyarski shares his first Cerebus issue

Margaret Liss shares in the comments: It was fun to watch him draw it. It isn't mine by the way.

John Christain shares his latest purchase: Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia

Gary Boyarski shares Wizard magazine Calendar poster

Gary Boyarski shares his drawing and asks: "Am I the only one that thinks there ought to be a "Cerebus in Peppa Pig Hell" one-shot comic?"

Thanks Oliver!

Oh, and Gary? As to your last question:

Next Time: Dave Sim discusses Lettering with Todd Klein...

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Lee Bentley said...

Egad, I made it into AMOC!
While I have your attention, wherez this unforgettable napkin sketch?
I saw a page of comics about a guy buying Sandman books, but no napkins or sketches and this makes me moderately sad.