Thursday, 18 June 2020

CiH? Daily Strip #56

From the Head Office in Kitchener, Ontario, it's TODAY'S Cerebus in Hell?!!!:


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the off topic, but I just have check with much sorrow the problem of Dave Sim and the, now cancelled, Strange Death of Alex Raymond. And I got an idea that may not be the most brilliant, but maybe it could help to find a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

-For the patreons, SDOAR could be available as a digital download and physical-on-demand through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. This copy will come with many extras (scripts for the unfinished part, extra artwork, anotations, etc.).

-For non patreons, but Dave Sim fans, SDOAR could be available also in both digital and physical on demand, but just the pages. No extras.

With that solution Sim could give a happy solution to those all patreons. And could receive cash from those non-patreons.

Maybe it seems simplistic, but in the case of Rick Veitch and his new releases (like "The spotted stone") seems to be working. All the new releases from King Hell Heroica are available in amazon, and it´s very easy to buy wheter you are in Canada, USA, Italy, France, Spain or whatever country got amazon.


dan said...

On the offchance that anyone is collecting opinions, then to read into the record (ha) I am very much in the market for a print copy of SDOAR, and much less so for a digital version. I didn’t support the fundraising edition thing because it struck me as a fundamentally daft idea. I don’t suppose I’m the only one. Lack of interest in a misconceived marketing idea should not be taken for lack of interest in the book.

Carson Grubaugh said...

Thanks for the continued interest in SDAOR. Dave has decided tocease working on and trying to publish the book. But, he has given me permission to publish what is completed so far on my own terms.

I am currently submitting SDOAR to established publishers in hopes to avoid any more crowd-funding efforts. The fans got burned far too badly through those means for me to be comfortable turning right back to them. This needs to be very simple from here on out; a release date through an established publisher, go to a store, or Amazon, and buy the book.

I will let everyone know if and when a publisher picks us up. If I get rejected by everyone then we will return to the crowd-funding option.

In the mean time, if anyone has contacts with a legitimate publisher and thinks they can help get SDAOR signed, please put me in contact.

Dan, I 100% agree, and always have. The marketing for this was a cluster-fuck. If we had just sent it to IDW in 2017 I think it would have done very well. But, it was Dave's baby, so I deferred to him.

Also, Sean Robinson and I have decided to do some light revisions on YDKJ and offer it as a single, 48 page staple-bound book directly to the fans through crowdfunding. When we get the details for the campaign put together you will all be the first to know.

Thanks again,

Carson Grubaugh

M Kitchen said...

I still want a print copy of SDOAR.
So sign me up.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it and if the answer is in a video then I'll get to it but why did Dave quit working on it? Not a big audience? Of course not, it's pretty obscure comic book art and metaphysical thinking on someone's death/car accident; there's not a huge But maybe in the future it will be as read as Cerebus if not more. Who knows how the work will resonate with people in the future?

I'm really shocked he just gave up. Cerebus gets better as it goes on, so it's exciting to see new work following his Magnum Opus. He's one-of-a-kind comic book great and to not have this be completed is a damn shame.

A Fake Name

Tony Dunlop said...

Fake, I have no additional insight, but based on the announcement Eddie K. sent out on Dave's behalf - what, a week ago or so? - to SDOAR Fundraising Edition customers, the breaking point seems to have been the fact that said Fundraising Edition only drew 120 or so buyers. To me, that's about what should've been expected, based on the rather low-key marketing and oddball purchasing method (send Dave a check & then write Eddie to tell Eddie that you've sent Dave a check). If Dave thought the sales of the FE would somehow exceed the recent Archive Portfolio #8, well...I just don't get that.

Anyone with more insight, who's not completely bored/annoyed/exasperated with the subject, can jump in...

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Tony: Join Manly Matt Dow on the first Saturday of July as he teams up with Dave Sim for "The Bizarre Autopsy of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: What went wrong, AND HOW!"


Tony again said...

Damn, Manly, of all the people I'd expect to be bored/annoyed/exasperated, I'd think you'd be bored/annoyed/exasperatedest...

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Tony: Nah...I thrive in insane situations (apparently.)

Besides it'll be fun: (Matt holds up bloody organ): "Say Dave, what the hell did THIS used to be?!?"
Dave, with tears in his eyes: "Alex Raymond's liver."
Matt: "Ya think CGC would give it above a 5.0?"


Tony one more time said...

Actually, Manly, you *do* seem to jump in with both feet - I'm thinking of the "comicsgate/Evan whatsisname" brouhaha. Boy was THAT fun.

momentofcerebus said...

Somebody on twitter tagged EVS on a post about Carson looking for a publisher for SDOAR.

I about died laughing...

(Like Carson would wanna do five years of crowd-funding...)

Anonymous said...

Tony Dunlop,

Thanks for that explanation. I'm not surprised there were so few buyers for this project but it's a shame this seems to have brought Dave to a halt. I think it's another sign of Dave's talent and presentation that I'm curious to read the comic though the subject matter wouldn't normally catch my interest. I guess at some point I'll be buying a copy in whatever format it's published.

I think EVS's latest crowd funding is up in the high six figures mark; the guy has some influence and popularity and it's too bad that couldn't have somehow been harnessed to help TSDOAR.

A Fake Name

Jeff said...

As someone who was out of commision for the last 5 days until today, and as someone who has contributed thru every source available (except Patreon), including directly to the head office, I have to say that I think that the main problems were twofold: 1) How many comic buyers have any interest in buying a history of photorealistic comic strips from the 1950s or have even heard of Alex Raymond or Stan Drake and, 2) where were the real teasers for it over the ten (!) years of production of three issues?

God knows I support Dave in everything he does but, as even the Pope proved, there is only so much patience and Liras to be spared, even if it is the Sistene Chapel.

Tony Dunlop said...

Well, I had never heard of either artist (except I did see Stan Drake's name on the "Blondie" newspaper strip as a kid, but never mind that) until I finally bought back issues of "Glamourpuss" on a whim.
Marketing, man. That's what it all comes down to. I'd never bought "Glamourpuss" because I had no interest in a fashion magazine parody. I had no idea there was anything else in it.
At any rate, between my love for the comics/sequential art medium, and Dave Sim's formidable storytelling skills, I was thoroughly mesmerized by the historical parts of "Glamourpuss." I think if people knew what is actually in SDOAR, there'd be a reasonable market for it. Based on what we've seen in the last 20 odd years from Our Hero, in terms of what can only be termed "intentional anti-publicity," I'm not optimistic.
Maybe Carson can turn it around. I hope so.