Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Last day for the Remastered Cerebus #1 Kickstarter

Hi, Everybody!

TOO-DAY is the LAST DAY for the Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1. (I been talking about it for a while now.) But I've never really gone over what the rewards are.

So, first of is a copy of the Remastered Cerebus #1:

Then there are the Stretch goals:

Currently, we're just under six grand away from the $50K reward. (Just saying...)

And then there's the add-ons:

Clockwise from top left: Sticker, Bookmark, Blank sketchbook, High Society cards, and the Postcard.

The text bit at the top is because you can add extra bundles if you want. BUT, if you back the project, you get one of each of those items AUTOMATICALLY.

So besides extra bundles of the stretch rewards, you can add on:

Those ya gotta pay extra for, they aren't automatic. And there is no limits. Buy as many as you want.

And then, if you got the extra scratch, there's this:

This, this you can only get one of.  (I mean if you can afford two or more, all I can say is: must be nice...)

Dave's gonna be answering questions. As the kickstarter update said:
We will update Dave every hour for the final 8 hour stretch which is Noon to 8pm EST. Our updates to him will include, the status of the campaign, and any comments or suggestions from any of you in the comments section of the main page. Dave will respond hourly to our updates which we will also post in the comments section.
But if Dave doesn't answer your question, or if you don't wanna ask today, or you think Kickstarter is evil or something, Dave is gonna call me on Thursday for June's Please Hold For Dave Sim. So, you can post your questions here, or email momentofcerebus@gmail.com.

Okay, take care of yourselves.

Next Time: Hobbs.


Anonymous said...

My question for Dave: Is not so much a question as it is a point of discussion.

Whereas, there is increasing evidence that the rioting, looting, arson, and destruction of private property (around the country but especially in Minneapolis) is being instigated by organized anarchists, and;

Whereas, the official website for DC Comics lists no direct corporate contact phone number (thus prohibiting direct oral feedback or questions) and;

Whereas, DC Comics and Warner Brothers published "V For Vendetta", a very popular and widely lauded comic book (and movie) about anarchism, that was set in the near (or past) future, therefore:

Should not DC Comics (and Warner Brothers) release a statement which would clearly, definitively, and vociferously denounce the anarchistic actions of a relatively small group of *organized* outsiders who have attempted to overrun the great metropolitan areas around the country, most notably the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota?(Apologies if DC and Warner Brothers have done so, but, if they have, it is not readily apparent.)

And, for that matter, it might be nice to get some input from Alan Moore. (I don't know his website address [if there is one]), so maybe he has spoken out and I'm not aware of it. I freely admit that.

This is just a curious (and somewhat invested and concerned) Minneapolis resident's take about these interesting times, as well as the people with whom he shares space.

Thoughts, Dave?

Jeff said...

That was me. Clicked the wrong button.

Me. Jeff Seiler.

Anonymous said...

"organized anarchists"

Holy shit. You couldn't make it up. I'm going to assume Jeff is unaware of provocateurs who are intentionally causing damage to discredit the protest movement that has arisen, nor the fact that many of the peaceful protesters have repeatedly tried to stop property damage (there's lots of video if you care to look it up) since he mentions neither.

But more to the point, why isn't this faux-parliamentary question about what the comics world can do to protest the vicious police brutality that has caused this unrest in the first place?!

Jeff seems to say, "George Floyd's death was terrible, but what about the property damage?"

He should be saying, "The property damage is terrible, but what about George Floyd's death?"

Your priorities are confused, son.

Birdsong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff said...

Anon: I think that the murder (so ruled by the HCME) of Mr. Floyd was heinous and outrageous. The Hennepin County D.A. announced today that ex-Officer Chauvin's charge has been changed from third-degree to second-degree murder and that the other three officers involved are going to be charged with aiding and abetting murder. That is both appropriate and necessary.

But, Anon, you misapprehend me if you think that I am more concerned about the chaos than the murder. But, I live downtown in this city and this city is burning, both literally and figuratively, because of outside anarchists who are taking advantage of the situation to advance the causes of anarchy. It's happening nationwide.

I stand with peaceful protesters and I mourn Mr. Floyd's death. But, I'll be damned if I will remain silent while outside organized anarchists burn down my city.

Tony Dunlop said...

I've been away for a while, what with staying up all night with my neighbors keeping roving bands of would-be arsonists off balance and such. I have my own pet theories about who they are/were, but I have no doubt we'll find out before too long. I doubt it was any one particular group or ideology.
I've joined my neighborhood "Next Door" group - my first foray into social media - and it's becoming clear that pretty much everything that happened in the three nights Minneapolis was on fire has been caught on some form of surveillance video - some of it quite clear. Since almost everything is uploaded to the "cloud" these days, it doesn't matter if the actual equipment was melted into slag.
I think we can be certain that the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security (yes, they were here, I saw one of their trucks) are carefully poring it over. Since there is so very much of it, the picture may take months to emerge, but I'm confident it will.

Tony again said...

"I'm sure someone has made jokes about the Holocaust."

Maybe not directly, but Mel Brooks once said (I'm paraphrasing) that one of his main goals in life was to get people to laugh at Hitler. "The Producers" comes to mind.