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Cerebus Around the World and Web #38 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi Everybody!

The Kickstarter for You Don't Know Jack

Cerebus in Hell?:
The NEW one: Vault of Cerebus!
For Order still: The "Censored for Grandma" variant: Batvark XXXXX (the original Batvark PENIS has been FOCed.)
Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Signed by my kids, Signed by my mailman, Signed by random strangers I meet on the way to the Post Office, Signed by "Jorge Luiz", Signed by however you want...)
In stores now: Attractive Cousins

Heritage has a sketch by Gerhard.

If you missed the Waverly Press Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, limited overflow of the rewards are available at You can get 20% off with the code: "1977" until tonight.

Oliver Simonsen:

So Cerebus is off to see the Wizard - the real one behind the illusions. On the road Cerebus learns many life lessons and grows as an aardvark...oh wait scratch that last bit, Cerebus learns nothing of course and repeats the same mistakes over and's like the first half of Groundhog's Day?:)

Continuing with the Crystal Ball motif...not because it's a slow news day or that everything is bad out there in "social media world" or anything:) how do i see the future for our film - well, yeah, Cerebus will probably end up killing us of course:). But in a perfect world the film will fittingly launch a Creator Rights production company doing nothing but adapting indie comics - where all artists are treated fairly and with respect ala handshake deal with Gerhard. Of course there is only one Gerhard, but all the same...yes rigs, textures, animations often get replaced by others in the course of our production but we try to do it in way so artists will still hopefully be taken care of and in a respectful way. It's understood that we all have to stay modest if the film is to stand a chance - it's all our responsibility to make each other look good. And it bares saying that in such a sea of talented people I myself am the weakest link - not that anybody else wants this job lol. I am humbled by both starving artists and highly successful star artists that have joined and are respectful of our efforts and who ask little ol' me for Directions and I try to return the favor and live up to our company's motto of integrity. So if not always reverence things are mostly very polite and constructive - I've been kind of spoiled and probably forgotten what the real world is like:). Things have been kind of like a dream - pinch me.
Now I remember people really wanted to have stuff signed to protect themselves and were working on good faith and putting their name, time and energy out there with the hope things would get signed in the end. We'll see how we can work this all any case it's been a real pleasure and hopefully it will continue to be so - maybe the real movie is "the friends I've made along the way":).
Everyone who has contributed is tremendously amicable and it's really been kinda woodstock-like...but i imagine at this point they honestly just want this to end and would settle for just something coming out of this. I refer to us as a team but that is probably mostly wishful thinking along the lines of us being an actual company - it's mostly a loose knit group of artists who have contributed at one point or another and then moved on.
We'll see what the future's a tough nut to crack for sure, but anything worthwhile is never easy. And a generous solution has now been presented but will save that for another time...prefer to first hunt everybody down and make sure everything is hunky dory. You know they might all want to withdraw their work and then there's no movie:). Though they've already faced the 99% impossible task of trying to complete this - and then the other 99% of actually being able to release it. But yes there's a caveat, I guess, but I think it's none issue unless I'm missing something. I believe this is quite a celebratory milestone occasion - too good to be true almost. So maybe I'll share it here one day...but hey, we aren't done yet and we might still not even finish the film and then who cares?:) Might get killed in a car accident or something...this might be my last column even. OK...I guess i shouldn't tempt fate and joke about this stuff, but...

...there you go that is my seque to this week's "Strange Death Moment" - a project that we lifted the "metaphysical" part in our film's title from. Not such a super smart move on our part - turns out people really do just want to know "what happens next" (referring to a previous discussion on the SDOAR project here at AMOC) as in..."will they get the Flame Jewel?":)

And not to be outdone here's a car accident in "A Moment of Jack" - support the sensationally successful kickstarter! 

The voice is Steph Cook - Dave met her at his grocery store!

And here for the first time we hear from Jack herself where she calls the comic funny and important - and thinks the comic version of herself is even cooler (but watch and you'll see that's impossible)

buy her masks here

Sean Robinson adds: If you haven't taken a spin through the You Don't Know Jack! kickstarter recently, now would be a good time! With three weeks to go, we've just added several new items, including a print edition of the 72-page Hermitage Awesomes catalog, written by Dave and Carson, and a print collection of Carson's comics, entitled Six Macro Cons. We also have-- thanks to a generous donation by Dave!-- ten signed proof copies of Hermitage Awesomes.

Bleeding Cool spotlights upcoming "Cerebus in hell?" issue

"Larry's Comics" comic book store highlights "Cerebus in hell?" and adds that the ol' Cerebus letter pages were the internet before the internet

Gerhard draws Cerebus (and Corto Maltese too in the link)

Andre Trinidad explains: I’m working with Gerhard on a commissioned piece. It doesn’t quite fit in the cannon but it means something to me. It’s for me and my first kid and my love of the Marx brothers. And my love of Gerhard’s astounding backgrounds. I’ll share the final product when I get it.

"A piece I commissioned from Gerhard to complement my original page 1 of "His First Fifth"--Gerhard's first work on Cerebus"

Cerebus was a must-buy in the 80s, says comic artist Greg Woronchak

80s and 90s classes created their dream comics like Cerebus, to paraphrase DC Comics Editor Andy Khouri

Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics Jim Lee draws BatVark?

Cerebus shoutout from Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen

Thieves & Kings comic creator Mark Oakley talks Dave Sim and workflow (thanks Spy Guy comic creator Mike Kitchen)

It's "Virtual San Diego Comic-Con" time!
Hosts Nile Scala and Billy Tucci welcome guest Gary Cohn in their livecast revisiting the 25th Anniversary of Shi/Cyblade: Battle For Independents!

I also posted this in the Cerebus Facebook Group a few hours before it went live and Margaret Liss in the comments said:
They must be reissuing the comic that had Cerebus in it? And with an updated cover? Noice.
Looks like you can get a copy of the comic or purchase the original art to the cover here:

Cerebus is deeply moving and touching

Cerebus dialog scenes "particularly visceral/effective"

Cerebus figurine in Wizard Magazine #48 1995 shared

Cerebus, Usagi and Spawn

Cerebus, Spawn and 300

Marvel "epic" magazine 1985 featuring Cerebus

Cerebus in color

...from the article: "Now to start pestering Dave Sim about Cerebus But Now in Color #1"

Reading Cerebus issue #18

"High Society" in Spanish shared

Cerebus, "Love and Rockets" and Watchmen

"Space Vark and Beaver!" the only way they can combat the vast emptiness of space is with inane conversation. No this is not filler- this is prime entertainment!:)

Cerebus and Dug the Dog

Cerebus in documentary of Canadian pop culture

"Cerebus: Jaka's Story" called a perfect comic

Cerebus 1-150 called the perfect comic in Spanish

Cerebus and Jaka top ten favorite characters

Cerebus on CBR's list of "10 Highest Selling Comic Books From The Bronze Age"

And here's a new feature: "A Moment of Dave".
Gabriel McCann shared some additional photos not in his link so I'll spread it out...but...wait actually this one is in the link but will double as "A Moment of Comics Metaphysics" because at the very same time me and Gabe were discussing it lo and behold a similar picture came up on Dave's Patreon. Support Dave at Patreon to learn what it's all about!

What you want more Comic-Art Metaphysics? Did you know Eddie is a karaoke master? And he shared this the other day:
"I went out for Karaoke and sang it last September, and the VERY NEXT pages for CIH?: VAULT OF CEREBUS Dave faxed through had Zombie glamourpuss singing 'TORN'. Also 'Total Eclipse of the Heart,' which was sang by someone else there."

Cerebus summary in Spanish

Cerebus vs Doomguy

Early Cerebus high grade

Cerebus Syndrome part of the Spanish vernacular

PetuniaCon in 1984 shared - Cerebus was his fav back in the day

Prince Keef shared

Waverly Press has also published a Rolling Stones book and now Cerebus! So apropos nothing we'll close off with more Wizardry featuring random Prince Mick and Prince Keef...

(As a total aside did you know Bambi has a running time of 1 hour and 10 minutes?:))


Cerebus says: "Wear a mask!". Coming soon![*-Matt]

Ron Essler has tested positive for Covid-19 - no symptoms yet and we hope for a speedy recovery![**-Matt]

Dan Eckhart asks:
"Does this lettering (with the line through it) originate with Dave?"

Lee Bentley observes we never see much action

Gilly Singh has gotten to the slower parts and is about to embark on "Latter Days"

William Hoffknecht: "Found this today, Indy #5 from 1994."

Gabriel McCann: 51 years ago. Who can find the Cerebus image of this?

Margaret Liss: page 1209 & 1210 of C&S II, aka Cerebus #111 page 9 & 10

In the comments Lee Bentley adds:
In case anyone's curious about "Little Murders", from which the character of the Judge was supposedly derived:
Steve Peters: Latter Days page 378 is a nice little Feiffer homage.
Stephen Bolhafner: The bit with the Judge that inspired "George" (and you can spot him immediately) starts at 37:10

John Glismann shares a flyer that covers all the bases: A picture of an aardvark-looking creature climbing a tower? An old legend about the tower growing until it reaches the stars? Rock formations on the tower that look like skulls?

Stephen Bolhafner: And where did most of us first hear of Devil's Tower? In a movie called "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," that came out in ... wait for it ... 1977.

Margaret Liss shares:
From the huge hardcover book Madman 20th anniversary monster! Published by Image in 2011

Lee Bentley suggests someone should do an "Annotated Cerebus"
Jeffrey Tundis: This'll get you started.
Stephen Bolhafner also suggests this will be helpful

Keith Callbeck:
Sequart had a Cerebus volume in the works years back and I know it went through a couple of editors. Anyone know what happened to the project in the end? (I had written a piece for it).

Margaret Liss shares

John Slevin's Cerebus figurines are now on sale

Oh wait this one sold already for US $158.50

Thanks, Oliver!

*Coming Now: Two designs, multiple products, including facemasks., ALL the profit goes to Dave (as of this writing, he's getting $29 bucks (US)...)
**Oh I had/have symptoms, I just haven't been talking about it. The wife has it a WHOLE lot worse than I do. So, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and wear a mask when you're out and about.

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