Friday, 31 July 2020

CiH? Daily Strip #94

From the Head Office in Kitchener, Ontario, it's TODAY'S Cerebus in Hell?!!!


Dan E. said...

I was going to write, "I hope not." But, you're right. I guess the haters killed off yet another thing.
Incidentally, I really had decided to go to my LCS today to buy Attractive Cousins. I hope you guys get money from that.

Brian West said...

Thanks to Dave, David B., Sean R., Ben Hobbs, and Matt Dow for the laughs.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Thanks Brian, but I literally didn't do anything with these.

Manly Matt Dow
Delegator in Chief

Anonymous said...

Was it something I said?

Brian West said...

Point taken, Matt.

Jacamo Smalls said...

Solid three month run. Enjoyed everything but the overlong "rapist virgin gag" bit.
The comment section here IS infested with some deranged a-holes, and most times I try to avoid reading it. Hopefully that wasn't the only reason the decision was made.

Anonymous said...

Dave & Co. have a lot of irons in the fire so the decision was made to end the strips on July 31st. We also decided to poke a little fun at the less than positive comments. Thanks to everyone that enjoyed the strips and thanks for coming along for the ride. And an even bigger thank you to everyone that ordered a copy of Batvark Penis (you can still order copies of Batvark XXXXX, we're not sure how much longer) because it has pre-order numbers that have not been seen since 2017. More genitalia themed covers to come? Well, there is that one and it's all Matt Dow's fault. Stay tuned.

-the CIH? team

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

What. The. F***!

I thought we WEREN'T sayin' anything about "SuperCerebus' Vagina, Vois Vane" until Dave approved it. I mean, I like "I am Curious: VARK!" as much as the next CiH? team member, but there is such a thing as "TOO SOON"


Jeff said...

Buncha preverts, alla yous.

Anonymous said...

How about five more empty background strips followed by #100 filled with reprint including the secret origin of CIH?


A Fake Name

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

Hm. Coupl'a points:

1) Something being free doesn't make it good, so not sure what the objection is there.

2) "Haters" have killed multiple projects, Dan E.? That does not seem to jibe with reality.

3) It was interesting to see the unscientific poll in the Facebook group. Most of the respondents don't enjoy CiH, but some buy it to support Dave.

4) Dave said that he would be shutting down his Patreon account. Is that still a plan? In light of the latter part of 3) above, it might be a good idea to keep it going for people who want to support Dave financially.

-- Damian

Jeff said...

Or, as I did, just send a cashier's check directly to Dave at his P.O. Box. I sent a cashier's check for US$67 and 25 cents.

Apparently, it was much appreciated.