Saturday, 1 August 2020

Treasures from the Cerebus Archive: Archie Goodwin's Cerebus(?)

Hi, Everybody!

So, got a lil' sumthing-sumthing from Dave:

Which is neat, but what the hell is it?

Well, thankfully Dave faxed an explanation:

Thanks Dave! And Thanks Sean! And, AND Thanks Archie!

Cerebus in Hell?:
The Daily CiH? strips have ended. (Listen, you got NINETY-FOUR strips PLUS FOUR oversized comics all for FREE. Cerebus in Hell? AIN'T a Charity. Them fellas is looking to get paid son! So they're back to work making print comics.)
For Order:Vault of Cerebus! And The "Censored for Grandma" variant: Batvark XXXXX
Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Signed by my kids, Signed by my mailman, Signed by random strangers I meet on the way to the Post Office, Signed by "Jorge Luiz", Signed by You (if you get it in the mail and have a pen handy...), Signed by random Customs Agents (if you're a foreigner), Signed by Benjamin Hobbs (if you mail it and twenty bucks to him), Signed by David Birdsong (if you mail it to HIM along with twenty-FIVE bucks), Signed however you want...)
In stores now: Attractive Cousins
And maybe by the end of the month: The Amicable Spider-Vark (there's been an issue. Hopefully by the end of the month...)

And there's a Kickstarter for Dave and Carson Grubaugh's You Don't Know Jack.

If you missed the Waverly Press Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, limited overflow of the rewards are available at There's a discount code of 20% off for AMOC readers good through Sunday. The code is JULY20.

I made a little video showing what the stuff looks like:

 Cerebus masks and whatnots with all the money going to Dave ($64 (US) so far...).

Next Time: Oliver and a whole mess of links to Cerebus/Dave Sim/Gerhard/Carson Grubaugh/Etc. stuff...


Jeff said...

Since Matt and I can't seem to communicate well, but (I think) like each other, I'm gonna post up here about the phone conversation that Dave and I had last ... um ... some day. Recently.

I had called him on the day on which I took home my new cat from the shelter.

I thought that Dave would like to know that I have named my cat Yusuf.

We talked about Yusuf and Joseph and his 11 (12?) brothers and such for a while. And, then, Dave said, "Cats *love* me."

I was, to say the least, very much taken aback. I think that that may be the only thing, in nearly 20 years, that Dave has said to me to which I had no effing idea how to respond.

Jeff said...

And, then, he explained.

Every night, after fasting all day, Dave eats a can of tuna and a can of pineapple and, I think, something else. Dave told me, over the phone, as I'm starting to build up to laughing my ass off (which he and I both normally do when we speak on the phone or in person), and he explained.

"When I open the can of tuna each night, I drain the tuna water into a jar. When the jar gets full," Dave told me, "I take it out back to the garden and pour the tuna water onto the plants. And,then, the cats come running in."

I laughed out loud for a long time. A *long* time. I asked him, "Do they line up?" He said that he wasn't sure, but they definitely congregate.

After we laughed and laughed and laughed, we ended the call. I had to walk down the street to the store, but kept thinking about cats in Dave's back yard, and laughing.

And then, I called Dave back and left a message: "You should get Rolly to sell tickets to those cats."

john g. said...

Ha! Just got around to reading this. That’s a great Archie Goodwin story from Dave. “Canadian Aardvark Guy Invades the Mighty Marvel Bullpen!” Ha! (Side note: Why are you so concerned about a robot posting a message? Can robots even do that? If so, why would they?)

Tony Dunlop said...

Not only can robots post messages - they can make as much Kentucky bourbon as you want.
Smooth, too.