Tuesday, 8 September 2020

The Origins Interview: Dave Sim on "Way Back When" from Following Cerebus #6

Hi, Everybody!

Cerebus masks and whatnots with all the money going to Dave. New product will be added to the store this weekend if I get around to it. Also, they let me know that:
Your entire store will be on sale:
Sep 16 – 18
Sep 28 – 30
Everything but tees will be on sale:
Sep 10 – 12
Sep 22 – 24
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything but tees will be up to 35% off! That means $20 phone cases, $15 totes, $7 art prints, and way more.
Okay "fans" I've done told you.

The latest Cerebus in Hell? one-shot: Spider-Whore available to order wherever those kinds of things are sold.

The Amicable Spider-Vark is in stores, which is the lead in to Spider-Whore, which was SUPPOSED to be the immediate sequel, but Batvark: PENIS ended up taking Spider-Whore's slot when COVID-19 threw everything up into the air.

If you missed the Kickstarter for Dave and Carson Grubaugh's You Don't Know Jack, there's an Indiegogo, which is still up and running, LIMITED numbers of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond are available through there if you want one and didn't order a Fundraising Edition back when I posted a link to how to get one damn near every day for weeks if not months... (I got mine:)

If you missed the Waverly Press Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, limited overflow of the rewards are available at cerebusoverload.com.

And Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Pretty much available Signed only...)

Continuing from yesterday, here's the interview with Dave from Following Cerebus #6:

Okay, I gotta Call Dave's former lawyer, so see you on Friday!

Next Time: Hobbs. In. Hell?!


Jeff said...

You know, I used to have Wilf's phone number and once spoke with him telephonically. He seemed to genuinely enjoy talking about Dave; like it was the light and fun part of his day. Alas, that was about four dead phones ago. When phones die, the SIM (heh) chip only retains portions of what you had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that. My copy is most likely in a box or a bin somewhere. While the interview is interesting, today's post reminded me of what a good magazine Following Cerebus was;, from the great covers to the interesting perspectives there was nothing else like it; a true labor of love from Craig Miller (God rest his soul) and his collaborators.

Nice to read an excerpt from it. One of these days I gotta dig out my copy of the Neal Adams/Niagara Falls issue.


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