Friday, 11 September 2020

The WILF JENKINS COLLECTION (Dave's Weekly Update #356)

Hi, Everybody!



As you can see from the Update, Wilf Jenkins was the Aardvark/Vanaheim lawyer for years, and during that time his was on the comp list. Wilf saved all his copies. Dave and Wilf have signed them, and there's a certificate of authenticity.The books will be available from Looking For Heroes, for $10 (CAD) plus $4 dollars shipping to Canada and $5 dollars shipping to the USA. All the money goes to the Food Bank of the Waterloo Region.

Since this is Wilf Jenkins Week*, we're gonna "Wilf it up" and do a Please Hold For Wilf Jenkins. If you got a question for Dave's lawyer (1982-2014), send it in to, or post it here.
The latest Cerebus in Hell? one-shot: Spider-Whore available to order wherever those kinds of things are sold.

The Amicable Spider-Vark is in stores, which is the lead in to Spider-Whore, which was SUPPOSED to be the immediate sequel, but Batvark: PENIS ended up taking Spider-Whore's slot when COVID-19 threw everything up into the air.

Cerebus masks and whatnots with all the money going to Dave. New product will be added to the store when I get around to it.

If you missed the Kickstarter for Dave and Carson Grubaugh's You Don't Know Jack, well you're kinda F'ed in the A... The Indiegogo is over, but the books are:
Marquis informed Sean and I today that they had an issue with their press, so our books will now be shipping to me on Sept 18th rather than Sept 11th. I am sure this still leaves plenty of time to get all of the books to everyone before the election, which is my target "latest-date" for delivery.
If you missed the Waverly Press Kickstarter for the Remastered Cerebus #1, limited overflow of the rewards are available at  Hey, update:
Dave and I ended up with some extra untrimmed, unbound platinum covers and we're offering them on Cerebus Overload, each hand signed by Dave and numbered in an edition of 100. They look great and would frame nicely!

This weekend is the official launch of the remastered Cerebus No. 1 and to celebrate there is a 30% sitewide sale. The discount code is CEREBUS30

Also, the books have arrived and are being packed and shipped as I type and you read (unless you're reading this in a few months, in which case: WHY?) 

And Signed copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Pretty much available Signed only...)

Next Time: WILF JENKINS WEEK!!!!!!
*Eh, it might run for longer than a week. "Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so."


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Apparently, the books aren't processed yet. When I know, you'll know...


whc03grady said...

Dear Wilf,

As a lawyer, what would go through your head when a more-or-less normal letter from one of your clients would turn into an incoherent non sequitur about women, the Bible, and What's Wrong with the World Today?


Anonymous said...

Dear Wilf,

When an asshole asks such stupid questions do you ever just say, "Screw this, I'm retired."?

Tony Dunlop said...

Hope Mr. Jenkins doesn't drop by the comments here. "Wait, these are Dave's fans?"

Jeff said...

I call dibs on #301.