Friday, 6 November 2020

An inspirational Cerebus sketchbook (Dave's Weekly Update #364)

Hi, Everybody!

Previously-recorded-at-an-earlier-date from 
the Off-White House in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, It's:
Aardvark-Vanaheim Founder and President:
Dave Sim, with his Weekly Update:

Spawn #10 Kickstarter, "What the HELL is going on with the Halloween exclusive cover:?" Glad you asked:

The October 31 flash sale generally worked as planned and was well received. Thank you to everyone who participated.

First, a software issue on the Kickstarter side seems to make it difficult to get the new add-on feature to work on some Android devices. A lot of you left comments and sent us messages about this issue and all we can say is that kickstarter is aware and working on a fix.

For those of you who couldn’t get the variant option to work on October 31, we are offering a makeup window on the last day of the campaign. The makeup edition will be printed with an alternate colored cover to set it apart from the October 31 edition but will otherwise be the same. Also, the October 31 edition and the makeup edition will both arrive individually numbered and both editions will come with the secret trick-or-treat bundle of collectibles exclusive to Kickstarter. The October 31 edition looks to be the rarest Spawn 10 variant so far. Will the makeup edition dethrone it? We will find out!

Second, as many of you are aware Dave Sim offered his own alternate version of this book offsite at the same time our edition we as offered on October 31st. We were not involved in the planning of that variant and we are not publishing or distributing that version. Had we known of those plans ahead of time we would have let everyone know and coordinated both editions. We are in talks with Dave Sim to see if that version can be offered on Kickstarter and will let you know if that will happen. The Kickstarter version has been described as the “Grandma” or “Censored” edition. In reality it is the same front cover art with primarily different text by Dave on the back cover. Nothing is blocked out or obscured as some people may think. For more information stay tuned here or check for similar updates at:

Hi, Everybody! 


Some of you have expressed interest in purchasing the sketch cover variant that we currently have listed as a stretch reward. We want to make this campaign as enjoyable as possible for everyone and we consider all of your suggestions and requests. We will offer the sketch cover to every backer in the final 24 hours of the campaign including multiple copy bundles at deep discounts. We will modify the stretch goal so that instead of the sketch cover we will offer a new bonus for every backer regardless of your pledge level so everyone gets something if we hit the target. We will update the campaign page shortly to reflect this update.

We appreciate your suggestions and requests, keep them coming as we approach our final week stretch!
"What the HELL is going on with the Halloween exclusive variant cover from" I'm glad you asked that too:
As of LAST NIGHT, the vote on whether to allow a sale of more copies by the first round buyers stood at:
19 Yes
0 No
3 Abstain
6 not voted

After some "Canadian Election Interference", (everybody say "Thanks Dave!"...) it looks like there's gonna be a second shot at getting your crubby little mitts on one. More info in TOMORROW'S post: Please Hold For Dave Sim November 2020.

Original Cerebus Pages/ Remastered Spawn #10 Preliminary Art/ Other goodies.

End of the month, the 25th, pick up Spider-Whore. I'm not going to, because my 15 "contributor" copies showed up in the mail today. (I had nothing to do with this issue, but my name is on the cover.) I got issues #175-189 out of 2414. I'm signing and sending Dave five issues of his pick of numbers, but then I'ma offer the rest to the fine folks willing to give me money, kinda like I am with: copies of Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back (Signed by Dave, Signed by Dave and me, Signed by me after I scribble out Dave's name, Pretty much available Signed only...)

Check out the new Cerebus masks and whatnots. PENIS and XXXXX added. And there's a sale:
Your entire store will be on sale:
Nov 4 – 6
Nov 11 – 13
Nov 17 – 20Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be running:
Nov 26 – 27
Nov 29 – 30
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off! That means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more.
Ya done been told fans!

As you all know, Wilf Jenkins was the Aardvark/Vanaheim lawyer for years, and during that time he was on the comp list. Wilf saved all his copies. Dave and Wilf have signed them, and there's a certificate of authenticity. The books will be available from Looking For Heroes, for $10 (CAD) plus $4 dollars shipping to Canada and $5 dollars shipping to the USA. All the money goes to the Food Bank of the Waterloo Region.

Next Time: Please Hold For Dave Sim November 2020


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Jeff said...

Best wishes to James and a major WOW!!! for his recovery thus far.

And, may God bless you, too.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that someone claimed their No was changed to a Yes without them knowing, and another voter (supposed) challenging the entire count and extra time that was given, demanded a recount with late votes excluded. Apparantely Dave will now be requiring all ballots be printed out, signed and faxed to him directly, timeframe TBA.

Anonymous said...

But there's absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. None. At all. Just ask the media.

Anonymous said...

Apparantly Dave wasn't swayed by evidence. Just an idea he had. Something about not enough printers and fax machines between the No voters to reach anything resembling a majority vote.

Anonymous said...

The media doesn't decide the outcome. Recount. Recount. Lawsuit. Lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Well, the media did decide. Who do we shoot? Matt or Dave?

Michael R. said...

You don't "shoot" anyone. Matt is only the messenger and Dave is only trying make everyone happy.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Damnit Michael R. (Of Easton, Pennsylvania,)!

I was about to get the sweet release!


I'll edit the two hour and forty-five minute video AND upload it to YouTube...

Man, I just can't catch a break...

Manly Matt Dow

Anonymous said...

I’m sure it was said in jest. And yes, there are some funny parallels with the US election. But please ladies and gentlemen, don’t make jokes about shooting anyone.

Fumerkeys said...

Here hitting refresh. Waiting for the Halloween reoffer post :)

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Gonna be an hour or two. Uploading now.