Thursday, 12 November 2020

LESS than THREE and a HALF hours to go!

Hi, Everybody!

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As they said the other day:
Greetings backers,

Today brings several updates as we enter our final few days of the Remastered & Expanded Spawn No. 10 Kickstarter.

First, we are offering 2 variants in the final 24 hours of the campaign. The first is a cover featuring Dave Sim’s unfinished art for Spawn No. 10 that features both Cerebus and Spawn. This is one of our favorite covers from this issue and we are happy to be able to offer it to all of you. This will be an affordable addition that is available to everyone as an add-on and we are also offering bundles of multiple copies at a discount for dealers and super-fans!

Next is the Zombie variant bundle that we originally offered on Halloween. Numerous backers on Android devices were unable to add this edition to their pledge due to a software issue. As a make up for the glitch we are offering it again but as a different colored cover variant. Just like the October 31stoffering it will be individually numbered and come with a packet of Spawn 10 trick-or-treat rarities created exclusively for this edition.

Both of these variants will be available during the final 24 hours of the campaign, starting Wednesday, November 11that 9pm EST.

Finally, we modified the 95k level of the stretch rewards. If we do hit that goal, then every backer will receive an exclusive postcard and trading card set. They’re super cool, we promise!

Thank you again for your overwhelming support on what has been a fantastic project. A lot of people worked hard to bring this remastered and expanded edition of Spawn No. 10 to you, the fans and collectors!

Let the final countdown begin...!
Spawn #10 Kickstarter, hurry up if you ain't backin' it already!!!

Next Time: Weekly Update!


Anonymous said...

Just passed $87,000 with two hours to go.

Anonymous said...


Pretty Darn good.

Brian West said...

Agreed, Anonymous @20:10.

Fumerkeys said...

Glad to be a part of it and happy with the uncensored reoffer here. It would have been that one that got away from the set. I feel all warm and complete. Good stuff.

Glen said...

How much does Dave receive from the $89,000 raised from the Spawn KickStarter campaign after expenses? (Kickstarter service charges, Waverly Press fees, printing the books, shipping, etc.)

Does anyone have any idea?

Unknown said...

Hello. I only just found about this & was wondering if it's not too late to Pledge to obtain some of these really cool comics, etc. I'm a fan of CEREBUS more than Spawn! I was interested in the COLLECTOR SET A ($99) bundle. Any help would be greatly appreciated - and super congratulations on the success of the campaign, too!

Larry Wooten said...

Unknown looking for COLLECTOR SET A.
Over at Indiegogo.

Anonymous said...

the Indiegogo page has 4 more new covers. will the price gouging never stop?

Anonymous said...

The 17 claimants of the COLLECTOR COVER SET at Indiegogo would probably say, “No,” to your question, Anonymous 1946 on 11/13.

Anonymous said...

AND, compared to the pricing of items that were offered during the Kickstarter,the mark offs of the SPAWN TEN "perks" at Indiegogo actually translate into a PRICE SAVINGS for claimants. Just sayin'!

Tony Dunlop said...

Wow. I will never understand the "collector" mindset - but I'm glad, for the sake of Dave Sim's bank account, that it exists.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

I'm with Tony D. here. However many covers you wrap it in, it's still the same comic book.

-- Damian