Monday, 16 November 2020

MONDAY: Who's wants the ORIGINAL cover art to SDOAR Vol. 1?

Hi, Everybody!

According to the CDC, a three year old can:
Shows concern for crying friend 

Separates easily from mom and dad 

May get upset with major changes in routine 
Dresses and undresses self 
Says words like “I,” “me,” “we,” and “you” and some plurals (cars, dogs, cats) 
Can work toys with buttons, levers, and moving parts 
Walks up and down stairs, one foot on each step
So I'd say Matt Dow's A Moment of Cerebus is doing fine!

Anyway, Monday:
And now, the Ol' AMOC Mailbag got in:
Carson Grubaugh:
Hi Matt,

As work begins on the end of SDOAR I need to make room for the new art so I want to try auctioning off the remaining YDKJ art and SDOAR V1 art. If we can trickle one out on AMOC every couple of weeks or so that would be awesome. Bidding in the comments. Winner pays through Venmo or Pay Pal (if they are willing to pay the transaction fee) as well as shipping, which will be determined once I have an address.  
This was the painted cover I did for SDOAR V1, based on mock-ups by Dave. Four months of work that we both agreed was just too cluttered to serve as the actual cover. The work is a 20" x 16" oil painting on board. It already has a frame.

Highest bidder in the comments after one week gets the work. Buyer will pay shipping, and if desired, insurance. If no insurance is purchased any awful thing the USPS does to the work on the way is the buyers loss."

Thanks, Matt.
Look at this beautiful piece of Art:

Click for Bigger.

Bidding starts at: $50  (Sorry, we only accept cash, not your first born Larry...)

Seriously, comment if you wanna get your grubby little hands on a piece of Comics History history...

Next Time: Aardvark Comment, for real.


Larry Wooten said...

Well, Afton is glad THAT is off the table!
I will start this puppy off with $50.

Birdsong said...

Sure, 50 bucks and I'll pick it up on my down the Gulf next month.

Birdsong said...

Sorry, didn't see your post, Larry. I'll see your $50 and raise you to $75.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Birdsong: noted.

Larry: Rumpelstiltskin wants to know if you counter?


Philip Frey said...

I'll go $100.

Jeff said...

$125. In perpuity.

Dipshit said...



Merriam-Webster said...

“Perpetuity.” But that’s all right. Everyone knew what you meant. This is an auction, not a spelling bee.

Tony Dunlop said...