Wednesday, 11 November 2020

SPAWN #10 Cover "A" progression


Benjamin Hobbs:

Here's Dave's new line art incorporated with Todd McFarlane's art on the cover of SPAWN 10, Cover "A":

Here are the color flats I put in.  Note Sean was still in the process of compositing Dave and Todd's art:

 Here's some In-Progress colors:

 The finished Colors on Sean's final composite:

 And the unused Square-of-color-only cover:

The Spawn #10 Kickstarter is ending soon, so if you want to back it, you can find it HERE.

Next Week: There's bound to be at least another week of Spawn covers


Fumerkeys said...

Very cool to see the steps. Too bad the color square one wasn't offered somehow. That one is pretty sweet.

Byron said...

They didn't even have the "U" in colour. And to think Sim and MacFarlane have the gall to call themselves Canadians!