Wednesday, 13 January 2021


Hi, Everybody!

Just wanna remind/announce this:
Details here.

And now, Hobbs:

Benjamin Hobbs:

It's 2021! So of course the CIH? team is hard at work on the 2022 books! David Birdsong has been working on a book he wrote, GIANT-SIZE PUBLIC DEFENDERS #1! This is his in-progress cover for the book:

Dave wants to do a variant cover for the book. I suggested a parody of Daredevil Born Again.  Initially, keeping the logo the same seemed like a good idea, to lessen the chance of someone thinking it was a different CIH? book:

However, for aesthetic reasons, the logo will probably have to change.

While trying to figure out how best to turn Dore images into stained glass, I made this cover:

The panels of "glass" are too uniform. Multiple passes of the Stained Glass filter on Photoshop will be needed.

Next Week: The next steps in the cover progressions!


RSS said...

"how best to turn Dore images into stained glass"
Vectors and eyeball the average? You'd have way more control... imo

RSS said...

Second thought:
To hell with the average - that's just Photoshop making pudding again (of most things like that)
Humans do it better!

Birdsong said...

It's more like I wrote the first draft. This is probably the most in-depth collaboration I've done with Dave. He completely re-wrote some pages, wrote a few pages on his own and there are some pages that went through 3 or 4 versions. It's a 48 page wild ride full of every lawyer joke you ever heard filtered through Fred Murdock's personal hell. Bonus: multiple, nearly impossible to follow, two-page spreads of The Silver Cerebus at his rant-filled best. June 2022. That's only 17 (or so) months away so start saving 800 pennies now.

Damian T. Lloyd, Esq. said...

The last cover mock-up looks like "Lite Brite" (tm) to me.

-- Damian

ChrisW said...

Tell me you're not doing that "Born Again" cover. I just had to look through my collection to try to figure out which cover it was supposed to be. I guess it's the collection's cover itself but even that's still pretty far off.