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Please Hold For Dave Sim 1/2021

Hi, Everybody!

It's that time of the month again.

Uh, no, not that one. First Saturday of the Month.
Please Hold For Dave Sim time:

Audio portion:


And now for the Video portion:

Part one: Dave doesn't answer a single question I sent him. Instead he talks about Cerebus in Hell? books and when the Waverly Press told him the Regency Edition of High Society is gonna be released.

Part 2: Dave answers David Hartman's question:
Am I the only one who thinks that this would be more viable as a t-shirt?
And then Margaret Liss gets more than she asked for when Dave answers:
DC Bulletins vol 1 #1
ad for now & then times, did dave do the art for it? there is no signature that I can see, nor a credit for it in the issue.

Part three: Dave answer's Margaret's question:
Poster of cover to #53 - one version just has the art, called "Countess Michelle Poster". Another one has the art plus text in red 'Like No Other Comic'. I’m thinking the like no other comic was sent to comics shops, but what about the no text one? And which poster come first.
Comments on facebook:
1. perhaps the Countess Michelle poster was the one that came with Newsletter #10?
2.Someone got a copy of the Countess Michelle poster at a signing you did in
Click for bigger
I probably had more, but I forgot. Plus Dave did a two parter with the page from the notebook I asked about. Thank you Dave for that!

Part Four: Jeff Seiler has a phone in question, that Dave answers, then he answers Jeff's second question:
First question for Dave for this month: Dave, you wrote, in FC #6, that "aardvarks ... were a dramatically rare occurance. Of course, much later on, I realized that this had much in common with prophethood, which likewise occurred spontaneously ... and which I see as being a core element of God's overall plan: That the actual nature of individual beings is decided by God alone, that each soul is individual."

So, was Cerebus' life and adventures and misadventures a case of free will or was it God's or Tarim's or your plan?
I said to Dave in my fax of questions:
(Palnu odds are that your answer is “Highest level God’s Plan. Lower level Dave Sim’s plan. Lowest level Cerebus’ free will.” New Sephran odds: “That’sa fine question. We’ll get to it after lunch. Where’s my linguini?”…”)
Part Five: Michael R. (Easton, Pennsylvania’s most famous son…) asks:
Hi Matt!
Happy New Year!
I hope you had a GREAT vacation and well rested for 2021.
Questions for Dave.
Hi Dave!

Last month's " Please Hold …" you talked about receiving $10,000 from a female SDOAR fan encouraging you to continue with the book. And you had. Slowly.

My questions are:
1- Are you writing and creating new mock ups just to satisfy the one REALLY generous fan or are you REALLY motivated to get the ball rolling and legitimately try to finish SDOAR?
2- Isn't going to be weird that Carson has a finished book published (very soon I've read, too) and you are still attempting to finish SDOAR (I'm thinking) with you're ending?
3- Will Eddie Khanna get a little kick back from the $10,000 ? If only to offset his personal expenses getting SDOAR Vol 1 FE to the 123?

All the best,
Michael R.
PS--- I happen to own The New Mutants graphic novel, 1-31, 38 and the Special Edition #1. I haven't seen The New Mutants movie but I think Claremont/Sienkiewicz stories are touched upon in the movie. I read a brief synopsis of the movie and this is what I read, "Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves".

In the comic the only "secret" facility was in Massachusetts where the White Queen ran her own school of "new mutants " called The Hellions. I'm guessing that the story is kinda based on that scenario, but I could be wrong.

Fun facts from the issues I read---
1- The New Mutants were created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod. I met Bob in 2019 at the P-Burg Comic Con in New Jersey. I found out he doesn't live too far away from me. I had a great conversation with him. He signed some books and I got a selfie with him holding the New Mutants graphic novel which he personalized for me.
2- Diana Schultz ( you might remember her) was a consultant for issue #10 December 1983. This was the only issue she "appeared" in.
3- S'ym appeared and cameoed in 4 issues.
a- #14 April 1984 (Sal Buscema art)
b- #17 July 1984 (Sal Buscema art)
c- #29 July 1985 ( Bill Sienkiewicz art)
d-special edition #1 1985 (Art Adams art)
4- I met Bill Sienkiewicz at the Words & Pictures Museum in Northampton, Ma on 11/08/1997. I believe the museum was celebrating Heavy Metal's 25th anniversary. You were there , too. The reason I drove from Queens, NYC to Words and Pictures was because you were going to be there. You sat between Will Eisner and Stephen Bissette.

I also met Kevin Eastman and his wife Julie Strain. Julie was dressed up as Vampirella. She must have stood at 7 and a half feet tall with high heels. I also met Berni Wrightson, who signed my friends Frankenstein book.

I had brought some stuff for you to sign and the others ( maybe a few other people that I had forgot about) except Will Eisner. I'm not sure why I didn't bring with me A Contract With God. We had a brief conversation about it. Very gracious and humble. I then moved probably 3 steps to my right and you were right there. You signed everything that I brought, bought and received for free that day. I even got a sketch. I had Tyrant for Stephen to sign. It would be the only time I would meet Will.

I had Grace and a camera with me that day but we didn't take one single photo.

As you've just seen, Dave has "issues" with Michael's recollection. First person to find the backcover Dave was talking about and sends it in to gets a Cerebus in Hell? rarity, either Batvark: PENIS (Virgin Cover), Hermann #1 (HRM Edition), or the misprinted Cerebus in Hell? 2021. (Their choice.) ((the later two signed by Manly Matt Dow.))

Part Six: Special Friend to the Blog: Jesse Lee Herndon asks:
Hello Dave,
Just to let you know, and for A Moment of Cerebus listeners/readers, I have resumed transcribing all the past "Please Hold for Dave Sim" recordings. Matt will probably never have a day on the blog slow enough to ever post any of them, but they're almost all done, even the Steve Swenson, Carson Grubaugh, and Wilf Jenkins interviews. Similarly, shameless plug #2, I have resumed my Cerebus Fan Award-winning daily review Youtube videos of Cerebus, having just begun "Form & Void". There will be a Dave Sim & Cerebus dance party at the end of one of the upcoming episodes, I just haven't decided which one yet, perhaps for issue 300's, which will be, God willing, on February 22nd, my birthday. It only took me 5 years to do it!

Okay, for questions, I was wondering, was Bran Mac Mufin in "the light" during issue 300? There's a Pigt barbarian, but I don't recall if you've ever said definitively if it was him or not. I know in Bran's case, suicide meant being doomed to repeat life, but Ham was there too, and he did kill himself (unless he got off on a technicality due to Mary's involvement).

Since I'm not being morbid enough, how do you figure the Roach died? Is this one of those "his life ended with a whimper and not a bang" type things that seem to have been the case for so many characters (and so many people in life)? His ending during "Mothers & Daughters" was pretty definitive for him as a magical being, but then he popped up just fine as FanRoach in "Guys". I do suppose if you're ever in the market for another spin-off, "The Strange Deaths of Cerebus Supporting Characters" could be fun (Silverspoon: finally eaten by those cannibals. Mrs Henrot-Gutch: crushed by a squeaky wheel).

Speaking of spin-offs, is Cerebus In Hell? the same project as "Cerebus: The Afterlife", which you mentioned in a newspaper interview you did circa the Last Signing in 2010?

Would issue 300 of "Glamourpuss" have ended with glamourpuss falling out of bed and breaking a nail? Oh, ha ha. I keed.

Take care,
Jesse Lee Herndon

And Part Seven: where we discuss this month's strip, which I explained in my fax to Dave:
The strip needs a little explanation. Steve Peters is running a Comicverse storyline called the “Sin Kevitch Challenge”. And asked if I wanted to contribute. I said sure, not really knowing what the challenge was.

Apparently, Bill Sienkiewicz shared a picture of himself he took as reference for a comic last year, and it went viral with people using it as a pose for their characters, or just adding text to make fun of Bill.

So I asked Steve to send me the photo so I could attempt an Iguana VS Beer version.

Bill was…um… “au natural” in the pic (edited to cover his “Sin Kevitch”…).

And when I printed it out, I knew it was gonna be in this month’s Please Hold Strip…

And my strip for Friend of the Blog: Steve Peters:
Click for WAY too bigger...

More from Steve here:

Carson is Auctioning off Strange Death of Alex Raymond art. Current bid is $50 (USD!) to Jeff Seiler.
_________________________________, 10% off with code "2021" at checkout. 
Your store will be on sale:
Jan 13 – 16
Jan 27 – 29
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off! That means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more.
Anyway, I'm selling something on the eBays. A big bundle of "rare" Cerebus in Hell? comics, including a copy of Vark Wars and Vark Wars: Walt's Empire Strikes Back that I took with me on vacation so they've been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Next Time: Oliver's column...


Jeff said...

Well, thanks for the ... um ... very in-depth answers, Dave, and all of the ... cough, cough ... shoutouts. I try, every month, to ask a question or questions that will entice you and excite you to dig deep into your memory, your psyche, your humour, and even your pockets (I wish!) in order to properly and fully answer.

These monthly exchanges are, while fun, an unfortunate remainder after the decade-and-a-half of bi-weekly correspondence. They are, nevertheless, very much appreciated.

Okay, off now to read my second favorite correspondent's weekly blog.

crazyyears said...

Will someone please tell me when the Waverly Press told him the Regency Edition of High Society is gonna be released? I haven't the time to listen to 45-x minutes of Dave.

momentofcerebus said...

Crazyyears: Dacve was told the presale starts some time this month.

Dave doesn't know what that means either...

Manly Matt Dow

crazyyears said...

Thanks, Matt.

Dan E. said...

I started transcribing "The Bizarre Autopsy of the SDOAR" several months ago. It's hard work! I'm glad to hear someone else has done a more complete job. I, for one, would gladly pay for a printed copy of all the Please Holds. Like Collected Letters.

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Dan E.: Ah, but HOW MUCH would you pay?

(I want to include the stupid strips I did, which are mostly in colour, so a PRINT copy would either need black and white versions, or a colour section.)

((Which begs the question: does the audience have a preferred format, print or digital? And how much would people want to part to read the horrible things I say about my family?))

Manly Matt Dow

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

"pay" "how much would people want to PAY to read the horrible things I say about my family?"