Friday, 1 January 2021

Seiler's "Cerebus Readers In Crisis" Revisited (Dave's Weekly Update #372)

Hi, Everybody!

Previously-recorded-at-an-earlier-date from 
the Off-White House in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, It's:
Aardvark-Vanaheim Founder and President:
Dave Sim, with his Weekly Update:

Let's take a better look at those covers:

Dave DIDN'T show the art he did for #1 that (I believe) he intended for the cover.:

And then, I was in Issue #4:

I also drew two ads that ran in issue #4:

Okay, the Rigamarole will return when I figure out what's in it...

Next Time: I gotta box of stuff...


RSS said...

And I'm not talking about Beer's *LUST* (yes, I did read them)- is that some kind of oxymoron or something?

Jeff said...

A blast from the past, to enter a hopefully much better year.

Those publications were SO MUCH FUN to do. Dave was immensely gracious with his contributions, and I got to see something I had never before seen.

No, not the beautiful Elizabeth B.

Instead, a machine that could photocopy, collate, fold, and staple 200-some comics in about ten minutes.

It was fun, back then. Now? I'm old.

Jeff said...

Dave *did* intend that drawing of me, taken from a photo by Ger, at the Applebees in Columbus, Ohio, to be on the cover of CRIC #1.

Unfortunately, I had already thought myself to be a better cover artist. Dave's page turned up on the inside back cover.

I still have some unsigned copies of CRIC #1, somewhere. Five bucks and time (I'm old) gets you one.

RSS said...

Wrong-footed again... Pretty sure it was last week's video (haven't watched it again), Dave mentioned 'the other side' practices "cancel culture"... is it my imagination or is the slaughter of the Cirinists (issue 274) a forerunner to 'cancel culture'? No? Too wacky?

Bill Ritter said...

I picked up Iss4 through a promotion (got that a lot of other Steve Peters items). For some reason, I never read the issue or looked into what it was all about.

Now I am intrigued. I'd like to pick up Issues 1-3...(aside from Jeff's offer for Iss1, which I am interested in taking him up on), any insight on where I get 2 and 3?

Jeff, how do I get you the money? (my email is below if you want to send your preferred payment option(s))...

I'll check here, but I can be emailed at wtritter @ hotmail (yadda dot and com and whatnot).

Jeff said...

Bill, mail me a check or money order for $5 to:

Jeff Seiler
27 W. 14th St., #110
Minneapolis, MN 55403.

And then wait for me to figure out where I stored them.

Jeff said...

Bill, they are, perhaps, the most rare comics on which Dave ever worked.

Good effin, luck. I only have one of each.

Maybe Dave could hook you up.