Wednesday, 6 January 2021

The first Unbeddable Vark Fan Art?!?

Benjamin Hobbs:

With the holidays behind us, I'm hurriedly trying to catch up on a few things!

First of all, THE AMAZING BATVARK #1 needs to get to the printer!

Out this February!

Next The SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? proof needs to get to Dave.

Out this April!

While busily working on both these projects this afternoon, the postman came, delivering a greeting card from Brian West, CIH?'s #1 Twitter volunteer:

This card MIGHT be the FIRST ever fan art of THE UNBEDDABLE VARK! Or perhaps I'm just not remembering the other times there's been UNBEDDABLE VARK fan art, because it didn't show up in my mail box.  

Either way, a BIG Thank You to Brian for sending this card and for consistently tweeting about CIH?!

Next Week: Keep an eye on eBay. I'll be listing some books soon!


Brian West said...

You’re welcome. Happy to be of service.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Brian W. ...

-- Damian