Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gerhard's Photos: Stephen R. Bissette

Jeff Tundis had posted a bunch of my old photos on his Art of Gerhard website quite a while ago. I've just started going through my old photos again and here are a few that aren't on his website. 

The 'Off-White House' circa 1992 and Uncle Steve drops in for a visit and stays a few days.

We set up a drawing board for him in the "what used to be a kitchen and is now slowly turning into a library". He gets more work done in the couple of days that he was there than he has in the previous few weeks.

Meanwhile, I indulge in a few of my favourite activities. (Again, don’t try this at home.) I’m wearing a completely unlicensed t-shirt based on a Roger Ramjet cartoon character that I drew for a friend of mine.

Steve Bissette is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore and John Totleben on DC Comics' Swamp Thing in the 1980s, as well as his own self-published Tyrant.

Gerhard provided background art to Dave Sim's cast of Cerebus characters between issue #65 (August 1984) and #300 (March 2004) - contributing to over 4,700 pages of comic art, as well as numerous Cerebus covers and illustrations. Keep up to date on all of Gerhard's current projects at his blog and website, including details of his new book, The Wish.

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Max Southall said...

Ger iis currently documenting some of his current projects on video for upcoming CerebusTV episodes!