Tuesday 31 December 2019

An answer to a question asked in Women

Hi, Everybody!

The Varking Dead (Wanna hear the theme song?)

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter. (It's gonna have Gerard art like volumes 1 and 2.)

And Vark Wars t-Shirts are GONE baby!!!

Since Cerebus Archive Number 8: Women is gonna be coming soon (When? REAL soon!), I thought I'd look at an unanswered question raised in the book, namely:

So where are (were) the rest of the Swoon Country Family Singers?


And here:
Welp, that's how I wanna end 2019. With the Roach being shoved into a vagina. Happy New Year!

Next Time: It's an ancient tradition, that the first post of the year says what kind of year we'll all have. So let's tune in tomorrow and see if Hobbs can handle this AWESOME responsibility...

Monday 30 December 2019

LAST CALL YA'LL!!!: Vark Wars: The T-Shirt!

Hi, Everybody!

Well, I wasn't planning on posting this, but I've been given confirmation that the Vark Wars T-Shirt will NO LONGER be available after 2019. So if you want one, act NOW!

The Vark Wars Shirt:
Long sleeve T-Shirt
And for the ladies: The Ladies T-Shirt

And: The Varking Dead (Wanna hear the theme song?)

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter. (It's gonna have Gerard art like volumes 1 and 2.

Next Time: "Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind..."

Sunday 29 December 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #8 by Oliver Simonsen

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The Silver Cerebus (Last day?)

The Varking Dead (Wanna hear the theme song?)

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter. (And thanks to Cerebus Fangirl, our own Margaret Liss, he got it. Thanks Margaret!)

And as we do on Sundays, we turn once again to Oliver Simonsen and his weekly roundup of all things Cerebus/Dave Sim. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.
Oliver Simonsen:

The year is almost over - the decade even! And January 25th the Chinese New Year "Earth Pig" will also be done:(.

Here is Dave Sim celebrating Xmas as he does every year with Blair Kitchen and family.
Blair: "I told him he couldn't have any Christmas cookies until a quarter of my Cerebus collection was signed!"

Blair Kitchen is the creator of the indie comic "The Possum". You can read the first 4 issues at his site

You can also see Blair Kitchen's animation in the current Netflix animated Dr Suess series "Green eggs and ham" - plus he is also working on his own animated film.
Basically, it's a short film I'm making based off of my comic "The Possum". It's going to be a fully hand drawn, 8 minute short titled "The Possum: Fish Lips!" where he fights a creature from the lake, who surfaces to steal himself a bride. I'm going for a Tex Avery/Warner Bros/Tom and Jerry kind of feel.
[So, Oliver included a link to a Facebook video Blair posted, but I can't embed it here since it's from the Faceybooks, and not the YouTubes. You can see it here. -Matt]

Cerebus coming to NetFlix?

Cerebus, Watchmen and the mainstream

Cerebus grail

Cerebus #1

Cerebus is best holiday gift

Cerebus holiday swag

Cerebus loot

Cerebus deal

"Any Thing Done For the First Time Unleashes a Demon" Dave Sim quote in Spanish

Cerebus history in Spanish, Fábio Guerra PhD in History

Cerebus 8bit

Cerebus the stage play

Cerebus text

Cerebus holiday card

Cerebus postcard

90s Cerebus

Cerebus drawn by Levend Canga

Cerebus trope terms are part of the vernacular

Wolveroach influenced Wolverine?

Dave Sim best lettering

Dave Sim in Turkey

Jeff Smith and Dave Sim

Cerebus and Spawn

Cerebus and Johnny Homicidal Maniac

Cerebus and Sonic the Hedgehog

Cerebus and Spawn in progress

Cerebus reminder

Cerebus and the public

In the Cerebus facebook group

Raymond Mountford drew (not traced) Cerebus

   e         oo  e
L  nny C    p r drew Cerebus

Cerebus tattoos:

Margaret Liss

Tom Allman

Mike Clary

Dupré Wim

Jon Rice
[Click for bigger- Matt]
G'rar Jaran's jacket

Larry also shares some of his Cerebus Holiday cards

John Christian shares his newest Cerebus acquisition: the bust, here seen with his other Cerebus merchandise

Pablo Martinez asks if there are any Cerebus Xmas stories - the answer is no:( https://www.facebook.com/groups/cerebus/permalink/2650532138347478/

There can only be one...in each parallel universe. Steve Peters commision for Margaret Liss
Steve shares it will double as a “cover” of a comic within a comic—it will accompany a story called Machine Messiah in the upcoming Parallel Comicverses #1.

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: I gear up for Thursday, when Dave calls for "Please Hold"...

Saturday 28 December 2019

Cerebus: And Yoda!

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus (I think ya got until tomorrow to get your order in...)

The Varking Dead (Wanna hear the theme song?)

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter. (He ONLY needs another hundred and five bucks (CANADIAN! Not even real monies...) and it'll have Gerhard art. Well, heckfire, I just backed it, so it's fifty bucks (Again, CANADIAN, not even proper money...).)

So what have I got for you today?

Well, I just watched Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker again, and Eddie sent in this awhile back, so MOMENT:

Eddie found it here.

Where Brian has this preliminary sketch as well:
Funny story about this piece, from Dave's Blog&Mail:
Thursday July 5 –
25 JUNE 0731 EST - Well, it had to happen eventually. The NATIONAL POST finally printed one of my letters to the editor. The subject was actually a pencilled commissioned drawing that I did for Mark S. (a copy of which Jeff Tundis has been patiently sitting on for a couple of weeks now waiting for me to mention it) of Cerebus and Yoda. Mark had sent an e-mail to Ger with the request and Ger had told him that he thought there was a very slim chance given my opinions of Yoda as a character (that I thought he had pretty much ruined STAR WARS in the second film by attempting to make me believe that Fozzy Bear – with a less intelligent command of the English language -- could also be a Jedi Master). That of course is my AUDIO opinion which is different from my VISUAL opinion. My VISUAL opinion of anything having to do with STAR WARS is that Al Williamson used his best stuff on the comic strip adaptation so even if I haven't seen what he did, I know that I'm competing with him when I draw anything related to STAR WARS. So, um, "bring it on". Particularly when you're paying $400 US for pencils only 9" X 12".
http://www.cerebusart.com/Commissions/Yoda.htm [This link is SO broke it's silly... -Matt]

[This picture is missing, so who knows what they were...-Matt (really wish I had an archive of all the IMAGES from the blog and mail...)]
Margaret here. . .guess who has the pictures? If ya want more, you're going to have to pay. . .teehee:

My biggest mistake was in thinking that I would use Canada Post instead of FedEx which is the hard and fast rule about commissioned drawings around here. "When It Absolutely Positively Has to Get There the Next Day" being less of a concern in a country dominated by Marxist State Monopolies than "When It Absolutely Positively Has To Get There Period". I had actually talked myself into using Canada Post, reasoning with myself that I was being way too hard on our Marxist State Postal Monopoly which is more of a last refuge for overstuffed labour unions (even though postal traffic is only a fraction of what it was before the advent of FedEx and the Internet, if the Canadian Association of Inside Postal Workers and the Canadian Association of Outside Postal Workers has laid anyone off in the last ten years despite eliminating Saturday delivery and expanding the length of time it takes to deliver a letter from one Metropolitan area to another I'll buy each of them a donut) than an actual public service. Hey, unreasoning grasping Marxists are people, too, right? They have families to feed, too, right?

So, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and make full use of the House Than Andre Ouellet Built (or, rather, found more interesting ways to overstuff). Canada Post USA Expedited here I come (to the opening martial strains of "O Canada"). Mark S. (famous last words on the phone the weekend of March 30): "I can't wait to see it."
23 May 07
Re: Ignorance is Canada Post's bliss, Andrew Coyne 23 May 2007 
The situation is worse than Mr. Coyne portrays it. 
On March 30 I mailed a standard business envelope to Camden, Maine that weighed 314 grams via Canada Post's "Expedited Parcel – USA" service, purporting to take seven to nine business days at a cost of $12.14. When it hadn't turned up by mid-month in April, I was informed that the Expedited rate "isn't guaranteed" and the package wasn't deemed to be officially missing until April 22nd. All hope was given up on that date. 
My Maine correspondent notified Canada Post—by e-mail, fortunately—that the package had finally arrived this week, seven weeks after departing Kitchener, Ontario, with no sign of tampering, being detained at Customs or any indication where the package had been all that time. 
Canada Post, in turn, notified me—by phone, fortunately. I was gratified to find that they didn't request the $32 back that I had been paid for my "missing item" claim two weeks ago. 
Dave Sim
Kitchener, ON
25 JUNE 0751 EST – Okay. Time to hit the showers and then it's (coincidentally) off to Canada Post for my once-a-week visit. When I get back, I'll type the letter as the NATIONAL POST printed it for your compare-and-contrast dining and dancing pleasure here on the Blog & Mail.

Okay, I'm back with a short sidetrack to address my David Peterson MOUSE GUARD fiasco (see July 2 entry for details)

25 JUNE 1112 EST – Here's how the letter appeared on the NATIONAL POST editorial page (right under one from Robert E. Waite, senior vice-president, stakeholder relations and brand) (seriously, that's his title) (Canada Post):

The situation with our postal service is worse than Mr. Coyne portrays it. 
On March 30, I mailed a standard business envelope to Camden, Maine, which weighed 314 grams, via Canada Post's expedited Parcel-U.S.A. Service. When it hadn't turned up by mid-month in April, I was informed that the expedited rate "isn't guaranteed" and that the package wasn't deemed to be officially missing until April 22, three weeks after it was mailed. All hope was given up on that date. 
My Maine correspondent notified Canada Post that the package finally arrived this week, seven weeks after departing Kitchener, Ont. There was no indication where it had been during that time. 
Dave Sim, Kitchener, Ont.
I thought it was probably a mark of how wealthy the average POST reader is that the reference to $12.14 was dropped. I'm probably just old but the idea that 12 bucks doesn't get you guaranteed delivery to anywhere in anything less than three weeks is really the thing that boggles my mind.

After a month of the piece being MIA I called Mark and told him I was doing him another one, traced from the photocopy I had made of it. He said he'd pay me something more for the second one if the first one turned up and I told him, basically, don't be ridiculous. It was my choice to use Canada Post and if I was going to learn my lesson it was better to do so on a $400 pencil sketch than on a $3500 painting. I told him to frame them together if the second one came in and will them back to the Cerebus Archive where – as I hope they would for Mark – they would make a nice conversation piece. When the letter was printed, I also sent Mark a tearsheet suggesting that he frame the whole page (there was a nice nearly full page shot of Miss Canada in a skin-tight Toronto Maple Leafs outfit right next to my letter) (hubba hubba and Go Leafs Go!) and include it in what is now becoming, I'm sure, the Cerebus and Yoda Room in his house.

Okay, back to the overnight cable traffic at

Tomorrow: YIKES! 25 JUNE 1134 HOURS EST
Okay, that's a more in-depth Moment than I expected... you're welcome...

Next Time: Oliver and "another Fine Mess"...

Friday 27 December 2019

THE VARKING DEAD promo (Dave's Weekly Update #319)

Hi, Everybody!


The Varking Dead

And Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter.

Next Time: Today's what, the twenty-seventh? So, I got like three days to finish reviewing all sixteen phonebooks? Challenge accepte...(Who'm I kidding, get ready for the great 2020 Re-read!!!)

Thursday 26 December 2019

LitGraphic: Opening Day Write Up

The fanzine Cerebus The Newsletter was originally published by Fred Patten and then by Aardvark-Vanaheim from January 1981 to October 1985 and ran for 13 issues. After asking Fred Patten and Dave Sim if I could use the name of the previous fanzine, Jeff Tundis and I started anew in 2009 with issue #14. I published issues #14 through 21, which was released in November 2011. Below is an article that I wrote for the Cerebus The Newsletter - something I originally wrote for the Cerebus Yahoo!Group. I figured it would've been good for the newsletter if I was doing it at the time.

On November 9th, 2007, I drove down to RI and then hopped in the "hippie van" with the Tundii, Jeff and Pat, to go out to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA for the opening day of the LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel. When we got there about 7:30 pm, the Matt, Paula and Nate, aka The Goddamn Batman, met up with us at the hotel that we were splitting two rooms at and we went out for eats at at Mexican restaurant. We had missed the pre-opening walk through that the Yahoos had been invited to, but perhaps one of the guys that was there will give us a recap. . .

After some tasty Mexican food, we just crashed back at the hotel. With no plans for the morning other then going to breakfast after waking up.

So while we were waiting for our breakfast at the restaurant formerly known as Alice's Restaurant, Nate goes: "Dave just walked by." No one wanted to jump up and go talk to him, as he was prolly walking back to his hotel which was just right down the street. Less then 5 minutes later, guess who walked in? Yep, Dave Sim. 

Handshakes all around and then he sat down between Nate and myself and ordered a decaf coffee. The main topic of discussion was the black suit Dave was wearing. As he had thought the Red Lion Inn where he was staying had a dress code of a jacket. So he was going to wear a blazer along with a pair of jeans. But nope, no jeans allowed. So a black suit and a comfy pair of sneakers. Nope, no sneakers allowed. So Dave as dressed in his black suit with shiny pointy shoes that reminded me of Cerebus' black shiny pointy shoes in Guys:


Talking with Dave after breakfast
Food was brought out and finished, and off we went. Dave was going back to his room for prayer time, but Jeff would pick him up and bring him to the show in a bit. The show was a couple minutes from the restaurant and Dave's hotel, and was back off this small little country road. It sat on top of a small hill and overlooked a small valley below. The some of the leaves on the trees were tenaciously holding on, giving us a glimpse of the fall foliage for which the Berkshires are famous. Yes, the Norman Rockwell Museum is in the Berkshire area of Massachusetts, almost on the border with New York.

We paid our $12.50 to get in, except Paula who had a student discount, and we started looking at the Norman Rockwell paintings. Which were beautiful, don't get me wrong, but I came to see comic book art. Wondering where it was located I started walking back towards the back of the museum. The museum is laid out in a big 3 by 3 grid: three rooms wide and three rooms deep. I went through the first room in the center, and when I got to the second room I could see the sign in the third room for the LitGraphic show. I entered and to my right was five pieces from the Pride of Baghdad by Niko Henrichon. They were amazing. The book itself is gorgeous, but as usual, when confronted by the original size comic art of 11″ X 17″ I was just floored.

Right beside Niko's pieces were five pieces from Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. Fantastic. Overall, there are pieces by 24 different comics artists on exhibit. Which will be ongoing through May 26, 2008. One of the pieces that moved me the most was by Sue Coe from her Sheep of Fools graphic novel. There was one page, larger then standard comic art, it measured approximately 2 by 3 feet if I had to estimate, and was black and white. The page showed a huge cargo ship in a fierce ocean storm with a fire on board the ship. The men were in lifeboats moving away from the ship while on the ship we could see cages filled with trapped sheep. Sheep were on the bow of the ship and in the water as well. I won't get any more descriptive than that, as seeing the original page made my belly turn. Quite amazing when an artist can do that.

One of the other amazing artists with work on display that I was exposed to for the first time was Barron Storey. They had some of his original journals there plus some other work. Being a fan of Bill Sienkiewicz, Dave McKean, and Kent Williams, it was amazing to see the work of the artist that influenced them.

Then I left the first room and turned into the room to the right. Only to see the cover to Church & State I staring back at me. In all, Dave and Gerhard had 9 pieces there:
  • Church & State 1 cover: a 22″ x 34″ piece. Amazing to see close up. I had never seen the woman grabbing her breasts with the guy staring at her (it is on the back of the cover) until I spent some time staring at wonder at this piece.
  • Form & Void page 492, and the double page spread of page 489 & 490.
  • Jaka's Story cover: another 22″x 34″ piece. You could see the blue lines for the placement of the spine of the book and the front and back covers. Looking even closer you could see a redish-tanish stain that dripped down the front of the cover, right between young Jaka and Nurse. John L later told me that Dave had stated that when he went down to get the artwork, he found that some mouse droppings had landed on this cover.
  • Jaka's Story page 79: Young Jaka after she fell. Looking at the original art you can see the text is just a paste up of typed text, but the S looks hand drawn. And the well known border tape makes an appearance.
  • Jaka's Story pages 108 & 109: Where Rick realized just who "Fred" really is.
  • The Last Day page 230: Cerebus going into the light.
  • Jaka's Story pages 462 & 463, when Rick finds out from Mrs Thatcher what Jaka has done.
  • Jaka's Story pages
One of the other amazing pieces to see were 49 wooden blocks from Lynd Ward's graphic novel "Gods' Man" from 1929. They took up one entire wall. And so did a Will Eisner story, seven pages of the story "Baxter's Perfect Crime". I hope I didn't audible gasp when I saw the metal staples holding the titles for the pages of the Eisner story to the art board. I guess when your choice is staples, tape or glue, staples will pass the test of time the best - and these ones were still holding up after 50 years. I had to laugh when I saw how they matted one of the Robert Crumb pages from Zap #12: the top right hand word balloon was covered up with the matte. Intentionally.
Around 3pm Dave had to take off to get back to the hotel for prayer time, so he hopped in the car with Lenny, and the rest of the Yahoos got into the hippievan. Lenny had to pick Dave up about 3:40 or so, but the rest of us were going to have some eats. Jeff T had talked to John L and his posse, who had just pulled into the parking lot was we were getting ready to leave. They would stay and look at the exhibit as they had already eaten.

As we were eating, Lenny realized that, oh shit, it was actually 4pm and he was late to pick up Dave. So he took off with his hot tea (to go!) and we continued to eat our lunch/dinner. By the time we got back to the museum, Dave, Lenny and John L & crew were no where to be seen. I went outside to look for John's car, but it wasn't out front anywhere. Jeff T checked the back and didn't see them parked out there either. Umm. Not finding them we wondered where Lenny and Dave had gone off to. Jeff went off looking for him and never showed back up. Nate came back from his record (the musical kind) searching and stated that they were prolly downstairs in the archives which is what Dave had wanted to see. So he started heading downstairs.

Now the museum was technically closed to the public and the staff was getting it ready for the opening to start at 6:30 pm, it was only about 5:15 pm now. But Nate just walked through the foyer downstairs and no one bothered him so the rest of us trailed behind him. And yup, Dave, Lenny and Jeff T were downstairs with a museum employee and someone that looked like Terry Moore (and yes, later I found out it was Terry). The employee showed us around the Norman Rockwell Museum's archives, where they host all of his fan mail, articles, magazines with his covers, etc. He stated the pictures had all been digitized and put into a database, and the originals were in a freezer for storage. Later when I was talking to the museum curator she stated that they wanted to get the database online so others could view them also.

After viewing the archives, the Yahoos hung out with Dave in the room downstairs. Martin, one of the curators of the exhibit, came down and told us that the food was all out and things were going to be starting. I was walking around and saw someone that looked really familiar standing by Tundis. Umm. I gave him the "don"t I know you look." I walked up and said Dan? Indeed it was: Dan Parker had shown up. The last time we had met was at a SPACE some couple of years ago.

Some yummy snacks and some opening statements by the museum curator and Peter Kuper, the show was officially opened. It was a little strange wandering around looking at the comic art and the Norman Rockwell originals with comic creators and museum members. I made a point to track down Terry Moore and say thanks for Strangers in Paradise, and how much I enjoyed it. Robyn Moore showed up and Terry introduced us. He was disappointed that we couldn't take pictures in the gallery sections of the museum for fear of copyright infringement. As we were standing right by the SiP pieces I said he should just stand in front of his own artwork, and then it wouldn't be a problem.

Then I kept looking for Howard Cruise, but he was tied up with other comic creators and I didn't want to interrupt him. Until Nate came by and asked me if I knew what Howard looked like. So I gave him a short description and we went on the hunt for Mr Cruise. We found him talking to Marc Hempel. Just then Matt came by and said they were getting all the Yahoos together to take a picture in front of the Church and State cover. Nate and I look at each other and decided to get the two creators signatures before heading over to the picture taking. I got to thank Mr Cruise for Stuck Rubber Baby and tell him how much I enjoyed it. He looked at Marc and jokingly said he didn't know how to feel about being thanked for work that was 20 years old. Nate got his poster signed by both as his silver pen used the last of its ink.

We went over to the Cerebus art and stared some more at the Church & State cover. Someone was pointing at something on it (I think the funny looking smiley faces on it) when a booming voice behind us said "Don't touch the artwork." We turned around to see Dave laughing at us. I managed to snap a picture of everyone looking at it before a museum employee saw us:

Yes, that is the original artwork for the cover of the Church & State I phonebook

The museum photographer than came in the room to get a picture of the group. I had asked him if he could snap a picture using my camera also, as a group picture would be excellent, and they weren't allowing pictures in the museum of the artwork.

Boe and John L are in the back row, far left.
(Margaret notes: John L's recap of the night's events appeared in AMoC's "That time Dave, John L. and I almost got kicked out of the Norman Rockwell Museum...")

Pictures were taken, and someone came back to tell us that the museum was closing. So we all headed out to the foyer. The staff was taking down what they had just put up a few hours ago. People were still mingling around, and I sat down on a bench with Paula, as I was getting a bit tired of standing.

A few minutes later Dave comes up and says this is where I had been hiding, he had wanted to say goodbye before he took off to dinner with some other comic creators. I got to shake his hand and got a hug instead. I was a bit surprised: a hug I questioningly said. Dave said yeah, he was never too sure nowadays and just joking around proceeded to give me a very strong handshake:

Picture by Lenny. Yes, I was wearing a Cerebus for Dictator shirt to a fancy pants opening.

He asked if I was still riding the motorcycle, and I said the season was pretty much over as it was getting too cold in the morning to be riding in as my cut off was 32 degrees F: I didn't want to slide on any ice on the road. I continued to say that with the riding season over I'll be able to start back up on the archives again. Dave just smiled and said that was where he was leading with that question. Dave was pulled away by Martin who was trying to wrangle him to dinner. So we said our goodbyes and then after a few minutes we all left as well. Dan, Nate and John L & crew had already left so the Tundii, Dows, Lenny and myself headed back to the hotel. We sat around and talked for a bit before Lenny took off for the trip back to the city.

The rest of us stayed the night and went back to the restaurant formerly known as Alice's Restaurant for breakfast the following day. Then we too said our goodbyes. At least until SPACE on March 1st next year.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at AMOC, we wish you a Merry Christmas! Hoping you have a fun and safe holiday!

Benjamin Hobbs' 2018 Christmas card. There was going to be a new card for this year, but then November disappeared and December got busy, and there was no time to actually MAKE the card.

The raw scan for last years card!

Tuesday 24 December 2019

The Spirit of the Season...?


Hi, Everybody!

I didn't post this, but since it's here, I'ma go with it.


Best caption gets a FREE Signed copy of Vark Wars #1. (With a seasonal Iguana and Beer drawing on the backing board.)

(Voting to be done by the Cerebus in Hell? Braintrust.)

Seasons Greetings!

Next Time: Jeez, you mean I gotta entertain you while you stare at your phone and ignore your relatives? Nice Margaret...


Benjamin Hobbs:

This post is either a week late or a day early, depending on how you look at it.

Rush to you LCS NOW to buy VARK THING #1 which came out LAST WEEK!

Now available to order from Diamond: THE VARKING DEAD #1!

Next Wednesday:It's that time of year again! Make resolutions, and break them six hours later!

Monday 23 December 2019

"Seven hundred crowns already and you have the nerve to ask another fifty for STAPLES!!"

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

The Varking Dead

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter.

Next Time: I rant?

Sunday 22 December 2019

Cerebus Around the World and Web #7 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi, Everybody!

The Silver Cerebus

The Varking Dead

Friend to the Blog, Greg Hyland is running the next volume of The Monster Atlas on Kickstarter.

With "Watchmen" brilliantly wrapped up - next is Cerebus

Movie reviewer "Cinema Strikes back" on Spawn and Cerebus

Dave Sim listed among the greats
"just a girl" says "Dave Sim is the Moses of indie comics"

Before the "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" (and it's supplemental spin off "You Don't Know Jack") California "tour" there might be a Cerebus film "tour" - we'll see. Details to follow.

Comic journalist Chris Buse on Dave Sim schooling us on comics

Library get's Cerebus recommendation


Cerebus is best western comic

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (google Spanish translation)

Cerebus, Conan and Bone (google Spanish translation)

Cerebus and Moon Roach (google Spanish translation)

Cerebus in Puerto Rico

Cerebus a Norwegian souvenir - he does have a viking helmet (google French translation)

Cerebus drawn by Johnny Oxen

A Grand Theft Auto contest where Cerebus is one of the top contenders

Elric's creator's 80th Bday...forever haunted by Elrod

Cerebus and Harry Potter

Transfeminine comic artist @SolientArt studied Dave Sim

Cerebus drawn by James Smith

Follow these accounts
https://twitter.com/iguanavsbeer/status/1205940704024973318 [Good God, please don't. I only go on the Tweeters about once a year, and it's mostly to make fart jokes...-Matt]

Cerebus and Walking Dead

Bleeding Cool spotlights Dave Sim singing "Silver Cerebus"

Bleeding Cool spotlights "Cerebus in hell?" spotlighting "Walking Dead"

Author S. Johnathan Davis spotlights "Varking Dead"

"Cerebus In Hell? Vark Thing" among "Bleeding Cool's Big Books" shipping during this year's biggest comic book week.

"Cerebus in hell?" issue "Vark Thing" now in stores

"Cerebus Syndrome" is part of the vernacular

Disney TV cartoon series "Big City Greens" and "Cerebus Syndrome"

Cerebus on goodreads

Critically acclaimed indie comic book writer Chad Bilyeu (biocomic "Chad in Amsterdam") gets inspiration from Cerebus

Cerebus and Breaking Bad

Cerebus and Batman

Cerebus and his mother-in-law

Thanks, Oliver!

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