Sunday 31 May 2020

Cerebus Around the World and Web #30 by Oliver Simonsen

Hi Everybody!

The Fundraising Edition of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond ends TONIGHT!!!
The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Fundraising Edition, if you'd like to get a copy of the book a year(? or more?) before it goes to press AND at the same time, fund Dave's California sales trip (rescheduled for whenever California opens for business), mail a check for fifty dollars American to :
Box 1674 Stn. C
Kitchener ON N2G 4R2 CANADA
Or, go to (where you can still get "The Best Deal in Comics" all 16 volumes for $99 Canadian!) and click the one time donation button (there are three of them $1 $5 $10, click any of them, and adjust the quantity to $75 (or $80 if you're using the $10 one,) (the price is higher because uses Canadian monies...) Then send an email to to let him know how you want your name spelled.
So if you were waiting until the last minute, YOU ARE HERE.

The Kickstarter for the Remastered #1 ends on Tuesday. Latest update:
Hi everyone!
Today's update brings a minor revision to one of the add-on options which was the Dave Sim sketch on the platinum cover of Cerebus No.1. After discussing this with Dave the sketch will be moved to the cover of the Cerebus Sketchbook which offers a lot more open space for his original drawings. This also makes the sketchbook a lot more fun for those of you who plan to get the sketchbook filled up with Cerebus drawings by other artists, starting with Dave's on the front cover! We have revised the graphic on the project page to give you an idea of what it might look like.

Thank you for your continued support.
And Dave's gonna be live by fax on the hour the last eight hours of the campaign, on Tuesday. When it ends.

Okay, Ollie! You're up!
Oliver Simonsen:

Last days of "Cerebus #1" kickstarter! What a great success! So much love! Run by "Waverly Press" it did better than their Brian Jones campaign even...maybe if Brian Jones had appeared in Cerebus? Speaking of, did Prince Mick and Prince Keef visit that unnamed city in issue #1? Did they spot Cerebus while they were drunk and not remember...and in turn Cerebus did not see them? Maybe....well, that's our "no prize explanation" anyway for their brief whimsical cameo in our film based on that beloved issue. Just imagine if that first issue was all we knew of the kickstarter comes to a close it's a time of merriment and reflection...what did it all mean? What was the deepdeepdeep deeper meaning? What were the universal themes of this colossal historical issue? To treat those who are different with love or they will become defensive, bitter and mean? Yep, that's it. Love. I'm getting a warm fuzzy feeling already. And what more with those early issues...haven't we all experienced that sensation of there being a fork in the road where we made the wrong choice breaking from our true path and that is why our life is a chaotic twisted echo mess of what it was truly supposed to be like? Who hasn't:). Right?
Maybe we should call it "The Absurd, Surreal, Metaphysical Fork in the Road of Cerebus the Aardvark"? Tagline: "What happens when you choose wrong?"

Cerebus #1 Kickstarter last stretch

"Cerebus in hell?" review: " all right." "Sim still remembers what Cerebus sounded like". "The Cerebus persona is sufficiently strong and engaging" and "some of the jokes are pretty good"

"Cerebus in hell?" bought in a reopened comic book store

Dave Sim letter to Batman #235

Emmy winner Bill Hanstock on the first look of the liveaction Cerebus film

Cerebus pandemic reread in Finland (thank you google translate)

Cerebus 100

Coincidentally Cerebus TV episode 100 from 2012 came up this week, edited by Dave Sim and Dave Fisher

Cerebus epic first

Cerebus moon first

Cerebus park first

In keeping with our theme of LOVE....Cerebus Romance

Eli Gilic, Female Erotica Novelist, finds Dave Sim inspiring: " extraordinary artist and writer. Sim has a few great quotes that can motivate aspiring authors. But his words aren’t sugarcoated. They are very direct and to the point. And sometimes that is exactly what an aspiring writer needs."

Cerebus Syndrome part of vernacular
Cerebus greater than Conan

Cerebus graffiti

Cerebus in the classroom

Cerebus childhood

Cerebus High Society in Spanish

Cerebus fanzine in Spanish

Cerebus continued Spanish publication

Cerebus worth it

Cerebus timeline

Whole journey merit

Cerebus praised by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore (thank you google Portuguese translate)

Barry Windsor-Smith draws Cerebus

Cerebus greatness (AMOC account has been publishing a lot of great artwork lately in conjunction with the kickstarter)

“If I had known what I was letting myself in for, I probably never would have started.”
~ Dave Sim (Swords Of Cerebus Vol 1)
I'll second that in regard to the film lol

Cerebus and Will Eisner

Cerebus and Brian M Bendis

Cerebus Don Rosa style (thank you Portuguese google translate)

Cerebus and Nabiel Kanan

Cerebus and the Tick

Dave Sim drawing

Cerebus record

Cerebus recommended

Dave Sim and Gabriel McCann

Quoting Cerebus

Cerebus panels shared

Cerebus and Spawn

Dave Sim drawing for Marvel Fanfare #25

Cerebus and Howard the Duck

Dave Sim first

Dave Sim earliest

Dave Sim fame

Dave Sim counter culture

NYT Bestseller writer Bill Willingham dreaming of a Dave Sim commission

Cerebus inspires DC/Marvel/Image/IDW/Dark Horse/Dynamite/Boom Studios comic artist Marc Laming

A Virtual Con featuring a few, hand picked Original Cerebus Pages from Gerhard's private collection! Your Host is ComicArtFans (CAF)

Cerebus and Superman


Claude Parish shares "Cerebus in hell?"

Gabriel McCann: "Coolest cartoonist duet of the 80s"

Gabriel McCann also shares Cerebus "Rick and Morty" style

Gib Bickel: We had Gerhard in The Ogre and he did this bit of art for us.

James Windsor-Smith shares early Spawn: "From the spawn vault volume 2, the original art to spawn 10...iconic"

Sam Noir shares Steven Gilbert's post

Stephen Bonhafner shares in the comments:
I got mine free - Swords 6 was to be the first one with five issues reprinted instead of 4, but there was a mix-up and the printer only printed the first 4, so the first edition just has #21-24 and is missing the end of the Beguiling story, #25. This was printed up and sent to shops (if I recall, I'm pretty sure it didn't come to me directly from A-V) to be given as a freebie to any customers who had purchased the first edition of Swords 6, which I had. The idea was that the second edition on would have all 5 issues in it, but I'm not sure there ever was a second edition, because a couple of years later the astounding success of the High Society volume led Dave to almost immediately collect #1-25 into a single bound volume, and the Swords volumes all went out of print at that point.
John Glisman:
Right. I believe the supplement pictured in the above post (with red-bordered lettering on cover) reprints #25 only. Can anyone confirm if there’s a different intro to #25 in the supplement? I doubt it, because I think the intro in the original Swords Vol. 6 was for # 23-25 (?).
Alan Petrie:

Margaret Liss
A folder that I’m thinking had some stuff in it for the tour. When Gerhard sent it to me he was worried I’d already have one - I didn’t - and he had signed it for me. Any comics retailers remember what went in it?

Nathaniel Radman Oberstein: So you have the folder. I've got the packet.
(see below. I think i missed a few - not intentional)

[Yep, those Wachowskis. -Matt]

[Click for bigger. -Matt]

[Best headline ever... -Matt]

[Anybody got good quality scans of these, the address is]
Steven Bonhalfer:
There must have been multiple versions of this sent out, with additions as the tour went on. I say that because one of the articles here - the one from the Riverfront Times of St. Louis, Missouri, is an interview that I helped set up for Dave during this very same tour, so it was not in the version of this that I had at one time multiple copies of (he sent me several because I volunteered to do advance PR for him and set up interviews with the RFT and 2 or 3 local radio stations). I did a quick look around my crowded basement yesterday and did not find anything, but I believe I have one of these myself stashed away - might be interesting to see the differences.
I for one am absolutely blown away that the Wachowskis contributed to an article on Cerebus! I don't think that was in my packet - or if it was I never realized I had ever encountered that name before when "The Matrix" came out .

Calum Johnston shares first edition Church & State with letter from AV and signed by Dave $75

Ron Essler [Hey that's ME! -Matt] shares his "High Society" and "Church and State" reread [What? Oh, I have to share all my Cerebus thoughts here? Well guess what? The Adam and Al and Dave stuff was scheduled for the past week or so, and I wasn't gonna make those posts longer.  So I talked Cerebus on the Faceybooks. I CAN HAVE A LIFE KAREN!!! -Matt] and many interesting discussions develops - some between those working on memory and Ron who isn't
Ron: "Also, why is Prime Minister Cerebus and his wife living at the Regency?"
Margaret Liss: Because it literally is right across the canal from Parliament. I should know, I stayed there. Those burlap curtains were a tad too much.

Adding: "It was a okay place to stay."

Margaret Liss: "Article from the newspaper The Chronicle Herald in Dave Sim’s last signing."

Margaret Liss asks: This was included in the presentation. Notice who the PR person is? Does anyone know which Cerebus character was based on him?

John Glismann: Interesting stuff. I know “Unique Stories” ended up as a backup in the main book, but I never heard of “Out of the Depths” before. And my guess is... the “gold-plated streetlamps” guy Holland M. Hadden! (?)
Margaret Liss:
Out of the Depths was originally a fanzine put out by Gene Day. There were two issues done and Dave had a hand in both of them:
Before I sent my one copy of Out of the Depths #2 to Dave, as he didn't have a copy of it, I scanned his story and posted it to the group:

Margaret Liss: I can’t remember which Aardvark Comment these guys appeared in but I do remember them asking Dave to use his art on their album My Astoria. The title track is indeed about Cerebus.
[And you can hear it here. -Matt]
Margaret adds:
The song is on youtube:

Dupré Wim shares Spermbirds band record, his tattoo and song

I got two tickets - one for myself and one for Dave Sim. Neither of us went, but it'll make a nice addition for the Cerebus archive. Hopefully the concert was a good one!
Sam Noir:

Margaret Liss:
From 1981; given out to comic book stores. Over the years I've gotten bits and pieces of it. Then a year or so ago I found a complete presentation.
This one is from Styx International in Winnipeg. I'm not sure which comic shop it was sent to or if it was an extra they had.

Margaret Liss: From the newspaper The Coast volume 18 number 17 dated September 23 to 29, 2010. Article on Dave’s last signing.

Margaret Liss: Original art by Evan Dorkin, unused fanzine cover.
Margaret: "Evan include this with the cover."

Margaret Liss: Of course I didn’t throw it out. I didn’t cut it from the envelope / just put the whole thing in the portfolio. Dave had hand lettered my name and address. How could I throw that out?

Thanks Oliver!

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