Tuesday 30 November 2021

Cyber Wednesday Sale? And a SDOAR Contest.

Hi, Everybody!

My SDOAR Review will NOT be seen today so I can bring you the following IMPORTANT Updates:

First, as "Ron Essler" posted to the Faceybooks:
Since he's the one who asked, (and the Naming was left up to me...) Tomorrow at Noon, that's I say that's twelve o'clock, PM that is. Eastern Standard Time (New-York-City time). CerebusOverload.com will be starting their:
Ray of Hope 2021 Sale! (Soon to be the Ray of Nope Sold Out! if you DON'T act fast...)
EVERYTHING is 40% off.
"Everything?" you ask.
"EVERYTHING!" I answer.
Everything that The Waverly Press has in their grubby little mitts.
Act fast, as some items have ten or less copies available.
The first TWENTY-FIVE (25) people to spend a hundred bucks or more get a complementary copy of the 1993 Spawn #10!
And EVERY order gets a COMPLEMENTARY trading card!
(I know, it's crazy!)
So if you're missing any Waverly Press related Cerebus item, you have a "Ray of Hope". (And if you "snooze", you'll have a Ray of Nope, because the Sale ENDS on Sunday December 12th.)
"But 'Ron', how do we ensure we get this amazing offer?" you ask.
By adding whatever items you wanna purchase to your cart, and entering the code: SANTA at checkout. It's NOT automatically applied. You HAVE to enter the code. SANTA. Type in SANTA when it asks for your code. At checkout. Starting at Noon tomorrow, December 1st. Until Sunday, December 12th.
"First Come: First Cervix" as Squinteye would say.
(I honestly don't know if you can use the code twice, but I infer that as long as it's between noon on the 1st of December, and Sunday the 12th of December, you're golden.)
You're welcome Raymond...
Don't worry, I'll be mentioning this for the next twelve days...

Two: Grubaugh to know (get it, like that Alanis Morrisette song "You Outta Know". Huh? Huh? Ya get it, right?):
Update things from Carson:

Holiday Gift and a Post-Campaign Contest

Hello Backers!
The vast majority of you should have received your books by now and any lingering issues are being cleared as fast as we can manage.

As a thank you for your support I wanted to give you all the gift of a lucrative exploit you can use against Amazon, as well as to announce a contest for two pages of original art from the book.

Firstly, the Amazon Exploit.

I did this five years ago, and have just done it again, walking away with a gigantic haul of free books. A video of the haul and a tutorial on the exploit will be posted to the YouTube on Saturday once they all arrive.

Here is the trick.

Amazon offers store credit for signing up for Amazon credit cards. They currently offer $200 for the Amazon Prime Signature Card, $100 for the Amazon Store card and $125 for the Amazon AmEx Business account card. Just search those names on Amazon and apply for the cards to get the free money. You can apply for all three.

I read the agreements carefully and there are no fees attached to owning the cards and no obligation to use them. I did this five years ago and got a couple hundred dollar of Amazon store credit. I just did it again over the weekend and walked away with the full $425 of store credit. I blew it all on comics. Happy Hanukkah, me.

The only risk is, whichever card gets approved last will be your new default payment option, so before you order anything go to your account and switch back to whatever payment option you actually want to be using, i.e. your actual credit card. That will make sure you don't accidental charge anything to a card you aren't watching, or have your Amazon Prime renewal show up on one of the store cards (this happened to me the first time I did this).

When the cards come in the mail, chop em up, throw em away, and forget you have the line of credit. In four or five years they will expire, and hopefully we can all benefit from Amazon's... generosity? again.

If you use some of that store credit to order a second SDAOR for a friend, that would be awesome. Either way, Happy holidays, enjoy whatever you spend all that free money on.


The Contests
I am going to run two different contests on Instagram. Each one will lead to one person winning a page of my original SDAOR art.

Contest 1:
Post a photo of yourself to Instagram - we gotta see your face - with your copy of SDOAR and use #strangedeathofalexraymond. You have until the end of January.

Want more chances? Tell a friend about the Amazon Exploit, have them use it to order a copy and post a photo with their copy and their Amazon invoice. Or, use the exploit to order them a copy and post a photo with the invoice.

Contest 2:
On Instagram post a screenshot of a Strange Death review you have produced on either Goodreads or Amazon and use #sdoareview (one "r" not two!). You have until the end of January to do this as well.
OF COURSE you can enter both contests.

I will use a random number generator to pick the winners and do it live as a video for our channel and announce the results in early February.

Free shipping of the art to anyone in the US. If you are an international customer you can still enter but will have to pay the shipping fees for the art, because if this campaign has taught us anything it is that international shipping is expensive and a real pain in the tuchus. Stupid sovereign countries with different rules and stuff.


Bucha went on her first hike a couple of days ago and freaking loved it.
She is very grateful that you all have been here while she grew from smaller than her head is now to the shredded beastie she is today.

After the hike the dogs were so pooped they wound up like this.
I tried to explain to Bucha that the optics on this were not the best, but she was not impressed with my explanation.
So, there ya go.
Please Hold For Dave Sim 12/2021 is happening on Thursday, if you have a question for Mr. Sim, momentofcerebus@gmail.com
If you want Digital PDFs of glamourpuss, same email address: momentofcerebus@gmail.com
Heritage, they got a bunch of neat Cerebus stuff.
Cerebus in Hell?:
Up to 35% off site-wide:
November 30
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off -- that means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more! 

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Monday 29 November 2021

"What's In The Box?" Canadian-Russian Edition

Hi, Everybody!

And now, "What's In The Box?" Canadian-Russian Edition:

"Что в коробке, Дэйв? Что в коробке?!?"



Russian Comics!

I dunno what they are, but Mikhail does:

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond: I got the book, why are there still updates?
Sean says:
10 Missing Preliminary Strange Deaths, Thwarting Scam UPS charges, and a bit more!
Hello everyone,

Much to our relief, packages continue to trickle in to their destinations, getting us closer and closer to complete campaign fulfillment. However, we do have a few straggling items to address.

First, I've talked to a handful of you affected, but we were missing a small box of Preliminary Strange Death books-- ten in all. These are being replaced and will be sent out as soon as the replacements arrive, hopefully in a week and a half! Sorry about the delay. We sent out the packages without these books so you could get the main book as early as possible.

Second, our backer C.F. has brought it to my attention that UPS, which we used to ship a handful of packages to Canada and Europe, attempts to charge "brokerage fees" in what amounts to a quasi-legal criminal shakedown. It's truly shocking, and we NEVER will use UPS again for anything now that I know this is going on.

However, it appears that their "brokerage fee" scam impacts the US to Canada shipping route the most. And fortunately, it looks like their scam is avoidable. Below is some info I copied from a Reddit post on the matter which details how to get your package UPS without paying these "fees". If you're in Canada, and have been affected by this, please note the info below. Anyone who was affected by this, please accept my apologies. There is a long learning curve on fulfilling this kind of campaign, and unfortunately this has been part of that curve.

Lastly, if anyone has any other issues with their packages, or the way the campaign was fulfilled, please do let me know with a KS message. I will try to respond as soon as I'm able.

And keep an eye out for the digital "PRELIMINARY" next week!

All the best,

So many of you may know that UPS (and other for-profit couriers) charge a 'brokerage fee' for shipping anything cross-border. The recipient of goods shipped cross-border has to pay duties and taxes. UPS takes it upon themselves to process the transaction for you (i.e. you pay them, they pay the CBSA). For this "service" they charge a fee - for brokering the deal. This is true, keep in mind, irrespective of whether you have to pay duties. And it is true no matter how little the value of the item being shipped.

If that wasn't bad enough, the brokerage fee is charged as a percentage of the value of the item shipped! The minimum fee is $10+GST, but if you ship something worth several hundred dollars, expect to pay well over $100. I think the fee approaches 20%.

I probably don't need to explain what an absolute racket this is, but keep in mind that the 'service' they provide is the same every time: they pay the fee and sign a document. That's it. There is no more or less work based on the value of the goods.

Anyways, I recently ordered some art for my girlfriend from the US. It was $250USD. A few days later I got a call from UPS saying it was being held at the border and I could go online to pay the fees to have it released. On the website, they showed the HST payable (there were no duties) and then a whopping $110+GST for a 'brokerage fee'. With no explanation of what it was or why I had to pay it.

I didn't pay, did some research and came across this article: https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/how-to-avoid-broker-fees-just-in-time-for-online-xmas-shopping/

Turns out, you don't have to pay the brokerage fee as long as you clear the item with CBSA yourself.

Clearing customs yourself turns out to be pretty annoying if you don't live near an inland CBSA office (their basically only at airports), because you do have to physically go there to pay the taxes/duties. However, once you do, you just send UPS the stamped form and they have to release your package.

The key to remember is you can't ever accept the brokerage fee. Even if they show up at your door and tell you to pay. Say no, I'm clearing it myself. Ask them for the paperwork. They legally have to give it to you. They won't send your package back, they just have to hold it and wait.

The fact they're not legally obligated to advise you of your right to self-clear is criminal to me.

Funnily enough, a few days later I received my Secret Santa gift via UPS, valued at a whopping $12, for which I had to pay $16 in brokerage fees/tax. Not much you can do here unless you live literally next door to an airport. But for the $100+ brokerage fees - consider clearing it yourself!!

tl;dr: You don't have to pay UPS's scam brokerage fees. If they are crazy high, you can go to a CBSA office and self-clear the item. Here's how: https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/how-to-avoid-broker-fees-just-in-time-for-online-xmas-shopping/ UPS must provide you with the paperwork if you request it.

Happy shopping, shipping, and Christmas everyone!

EDIT: Turns out there was a class action against UPS relating to its brokerage fees. Never made it to trial but UPS paid out $6.8 million in a 2018 settlement. Congrats to anyone who received a cheque!
 And Sean posted on the tweeters:
Pleased to announce that #StrangeDeathofAlexRaymond is now available as a digital download exclusively from the LTL store! Also featured-- You Don't Know Jack, the 48-pg 2020 collaboration between Carson Grubaugh, Dave Sim, and Jack VanDyke. PDF + CBZ
Please Hold For Dave Sim 12/2021 is happening on Thursday, if you have a question for Mr. Sim, momentofcerebus@gmail.com
If you want Digital PDFs of glamourpuss, same email address: momentofcerebus@gmail.com
Heritage, they got a bunch of neat Cerebus stuff.
Cerebus in Hell?:
Up to 35% off site-wide:
November 29 – 30
Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be running:
November 26 – 29
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off -- that means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more!

Next Time: The AMOC review of SDOAR continues ASAP. 

Sunday 28 November 2021

Cerebus Around the World and Web #108 by Oliver Simonsen

Oliver Simonsen:

J.C. Vaughn of "Diamond Previews World" on "The Strange Death of Alex Raymond": "This is an amazing piece of work." "compelling" "thought-provoking" "convincing" "superbly produced" (click link for full review)

The Comics Journal on "Strange Death of Alex Raymond": "A masterpiece of sorts" "The incorporation of other artists’ work and experimental use of layouts and typeface as storytelling devices are masterful through most of the book." "there is beauty in this book" (click link for full review)

"Strange Death of Alex Raymond" reader: "intensive research and contextual information, and amazing fine detail in the artwork" (click link for slideshow)

"Strange Death of Alex Raymond" reader calls it "really fascinating"

"Strange Death of Alex Raymond" spotlighted further by stores and readers

Carson Grubaugh and Sean Robertson have got answers

Carson Grubaugh has started a youtube channel
Brian Coppola commissions Carson Grubaugh to finish rejected kickstarter bookplate idea (click link for full story and image)

Brian Coppola shares Carson's original preliminary art for first page of "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" (click link for more info on Carson's process and full image)

Keith Callbeck shares photo in response to Margaret Liss inquiry as they reminisce where the above corner is

Toronto is known for Dave Sim

Spotted in the wild by Claude Flowers

Speaking of real life, in addition to the late Jeff Seiler as Elrod - Michael Petranech who did the voices for Necross/Thrunk, Despuess, Pigts and more may have passed away. Possibly quite some time ago too. I can't say for certain as of yet:(

Here's a look at the rest of the cast

(Will have to do one for various CGI Artists who did most of the work...not sure how though....there's so many.)

And last but not least, Cerebus fandom's Brian Lee Moore and Daniel Geduld - tried to keep it all in the family!:)

Brian, who did the voice for Bran Mak Muffin, issue 13's "Head Farmer" and "Farmer Bully", "Guard" from issue 4 and issue 1's "Tavern Keeper", made a movie where Dave kindly contributed a Cerebus design for a Sum Burger cap, a fastfood place in the movie, back in 2009. That's Brian in the red T-shirt (see below). He also came and visited me back in 2010.
[If I remember correctly, Dave also served as a script doctor. -Matt]

And Daniel Geduld, if i remember correctly, did the Cerebus radio show in 2003? If I had thought of it sooner he probably would have done more voices - easypeasy:)

You can find the radio show episodes at Jeffrey Tundis' amazing site. (Jeff also did music for our Cerebus film.)

3 issues done as radio shows (see above) as well as animated - below are the main issues that form the basis of the Cerebus film. Issues 1, 4, 5 and 13 seen through the prism of the revelation in issue 196 of Cerebus' fractured destiny.

Cerebus film and source material

Our Cerebus film is on "Plex" and "Vimeo On Demand"
and as mentioned last Sunday our film is coming to Vuuzle

Plus I got a notification that the Cerebus film is coming to Comcast's streaming service "Xumo", too

It's the 5 year anniversary since Meltdown Comic Book store closed - here's that time we were at the store filming a live action Jaka featurette for "Cerebus TV", where we would also show animated clips http://cerebus.tv/

Here's a couple of pictures of the making of "the making of"

Anniversary coming up for the reprint of "Cerebus #1"

Old Newspaper on Cerebus mural

Cerebus and Cerberus Corporation news

Cerebus and future news

Cerebus past and possible future

SpawnWorld spotlights Cerebus "Crossing Over"

Philip R. Frey shares Spawn Cerebus preliminary art

Cerebus and Spawn (in Spanish)

Loves Cerebus and Spawn crossover issue

Loves Cerebus and spotlights with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for "Turtle Tuesday" (click link for slideshow)

Marcin Pajdak draws Cerebus and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - inspired by Josua Even's collection

Dave Sim published Ms Tree (in Spanish)

Cerebus, Watchmen and Maus are often cited as examples of comics that have achieved the status of art

Cerebus, Watchmen, Sandman and Cherry

Dave Sim default best sound effects

Russian translation progress


Cerebus #25 in Russian. The first Phonebook is now translated:

Italian site spotlights Cerebus "Going Home" Graphic Novel: "Graphically, the stroke reaches what, personally, I consider Dave Sim's apex"
Norwegian quotes Cerebus

Scandinavian Publisher Egmont to publish phonebooks?

Deni Loubert and David Seidman help Charles Band form a comic company. Charles Band has a book coming out

Cerebus arc now complete

Cerebus featured in "365 Days Of First Issues"

"Cerebus in Hell?" spotlighted

"Cerebus in Hell? in China and Russia

Thanks Oliver!

Next Time: From the AMOC Fax Machine it's the Dave & Mikhail Show!!!