Aardvark-Vanaheim is currently seeking to apprehend high resolution scans of CEREBUS original artwork to replace aged, destroyed, or otherwise inadequate negatives. These scans will be used to produce new, digitally-restored editions of the 16 volume graphic novel series -- 'Legacy Editions' that will honor and illuminate the innovative art that garnered the long-running series its reputation. If you have CEREBUS original artwork in your possession, or can provide information on the whereabouts of any original art, contact Agent Sean immediately: CerebusArtHunt [at] gmail [dot] com

If you have access to any CEREBUS original art we are looking for you! Or more specifically, 600 ppi color scans of your CEREBUS artwork. 1200 ppi scans are even better, if your scanner is capable. If you don't have a scanner with a large enough bed, most office stores with print facilities should be able to help you. Aardvark-Vanaheim will happily reimburse you for any expenses incurred during the scanning, including de-framing.

Any person sending in a scan will receive an official CEREBUS ART DRAGNET certificate signed by Director Sim and Agent Sean. In addition, every scanning contributor will be thanked by name in the resulting CEREBUS Legacy Edition printings.

Greetings! My name is Sean Michael Robinson, and I'm heading the CEREBUS digital restoration project, assisted by Agent Mara. Although it's rarely been used to full effect, the past decade's revolution in CTP (Computer to Plate) technology has made it possible for printing to be more faithful to original line art than ever before. Because of this, new editions of the CEREBUS collections sourced from original artwork can have more detail present than any previous printings. The difference isn't subtle as can be seen in the examples below. Keep up to date with our progress in my Weekly Restoration Updates.


"...an absolutely astounding job. It's like if someone showed you that your beloved copy of Sgt. Pepper was somehow missing half of the instruments and vocals. I'm blown away."
 ~ Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules)

"...If you have any of the original phonebooks on your shelf, you may be wondering why the series might be in such dire need of preservation. The answer is simple: the original photo negatives were already degraded and have since been destroyed in a fire; the original pages are degrading, as well as scattered to the four winds in the hands of private collectors; and the series itself has drifted so far out of public consciousness that there are precious few resources left to be allocated for restoration. Accordingly, this new volume is the result of a crowdfunding effort, in addition to hundreds (thousands?) of dedicated man-hours of volunteer work. The results speak for themselves: This edition of High Society sets a new standard for the restoration of modern-era black-and-white comics. Both the original books and the phonebook reprints are by now yellowing and smudged, with muddy crosshatching and blurry zip-a-tone. The new volume is crisp and white, on superior paper with immaculate digital printing. A side-by-side comparison reveals just how much intense labor went into every single line of this 500-page behemoth..."
 ~ Tim O'Neil, AV Club

LEFT: current print quality, RIGHT: remastered artwork