Sunday, 20 June 2021

Cerebus Around the World and Web #85 by Oliver Simonsen

Oliver Simonsen:

Kickstarter campaign for Cerebus Archive Number 9 is going great - especially love that video (ever since a kid had a fondness for that song:))

American Library Association and Diamond Book Distributors will be hosting a live virtual discussion between Eddie Campbell (From Hell, Bacchus), Carson Grubaugh (The Strange Death of Alex Raymond) and Sean Michael Robinson (Living the Line publisher) on graphic novel creation. They'll also be taking your questions towards the end of the session.
Friday June 25th 2021, at 2pm – 3 pm (Pacific Time) (5pm- 6pm Eastern Time)

"Cerebus in hell?" mint copy wanted

John Layman, creator of mega hit Image comic "Chew" shares new "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition"

New "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" shared by Margaret Liss whose name and essay is featured in the back of it

Jesse Lee Herndon has done an unboxing video of the new "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition"New "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" shared by Jeffrey Tundis

New "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" shared by "spikenector"

New "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" shared by Tony Palermo who adds: "Stunning reproduction."

Philip R. Frey shares new "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition"

Phillip Buckner shares new "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" . Jacqui Mercado in the comments: "It's a beaut! I'm completely blown away by how beautiful it is"

Phillip posted at the ComicArts site the sketch card given to purchasers of the "High Society' Regency Edition "Candidate" and "Prime Minister" bundles.

Film and Comic critic Kyle Pinion shares new "Cerebus High Society: The Regency Edition" adding: A super nice hardcover collection of one of my favorite comic storylines.

Andrew Lariviere: The extras were a great surprise.

Gerhards draws Samurai Gerebus!

Below commissions for Joshua Even

By Juan Paolo Cagampan

By Mike Hoffman

By Francisco Bertomeu Baidal

By Ben Fellows

By Marcos Medina

By Justin Sirois
Adorable process video in link

Progress by Michael Montenat

Progress by by Brookes

And a better scan of Daniel Watts drawing (featured also last Sunday)

Cerebus and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover comic
Looking to start reading Cerebus

"TomCast PopCast" is starting reading Cerebus with the Remastered first phonebook

Bought the original first Cerebus phonebook in Spain

Has started reading Cerebus and is on issue 4

Elrod's "overripe grapefruit" in Russian

Issue 2 in Russian released

Cerebus issue 8 page shared

Reading Cerebus #34

John Layman's favorite issue is #36 (hard to argue with that)

John Layman also shares images of his huge Cerebus original art collection (click link for much more)

Italian site looks at Cerebus Volume 9

Favorite Cerebus pages shared by Price Blythe, owner/founder of Oregon based Blythemation, a media company, and (click link for full pages)

His sons are reading Cerebus for the first time

Cerebus love

Cerebus on "5 comics to know me" list

Cerebus videogame wishes

Cerebus drawn by Brookes

Cerebus drawn by Frater Walpurgis

Cerebus and Manga

Cerebus Syndrome part of Anime vernacular in Russian

Cerebus postcard in Russian

Cerebus collection shared

Cerebus recommended

Cerebus Remastered Editions are awesome

Dave Sim's view on pirating Cerebus?
for the answer to that

Jim MacQuarrie shares his Ben Affleck/Matt Damon Cerebus movie comic

Speaking of Damon and Affleck I see animator Sergey Bel has started a new youtube channel and is adding his amazing Cerebus animation to it

Also speaking of Damon and Affleck here's some random film images

Cerebus the star of the bookcase

Author wrote Senior Thesis on Cerebus

Cerebus and Hemingway

Cerebus is Canadian culture

Verdict: Berserk with Disney characters has MAJOR Cerebus vibes

Cerebus the cartoon dude

Cerebus and Red Sophia

It's a Dave Sim hand

Belated Dave Sim Bday wish

Cerebus to make a long story short - click link for tiktok video
There's only days left of Bianca Alu-Marr and Steve Peters Kickstarter. One of the rewards is "Parallel Comicverses #1" that includes a 15-page Comicverse/Cerebus story written by Dave Sim!


Thanks Oliver!


Saturday, 19 June 2021


Hi, Everybody!

Continuing from last Saturday,

The CIH? book introduction you won't get in SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? because the books are exactly 112 pages long if we just reprint the issues so the introduction would have to be 8 pages to make another signature. Or maybe a 4-page intro and 4 pages headlined "AUTOGRAPHS". Hmm.

Dave Sim: The concept behind CEREBUS IN HELL? was that the free daily online comic strips would drive traffic to the A MOMENT OF CEREBUS website and serve to promote all of Aardvark-Vanaheim's publications. Within a week it had failed at that task spectacularly. No one commented on any of the strips, although Jeff Seiler did fill the Comments section with forensic grammarian corrections (a linchpin of riotously funny comedy wherever it occurs in our world). We changed CEREBUS IN HELL? into a comic book and never looked back. Because hindsight is 2020 and who wants to relive 2020?

Despite everyone's best efforts in the comic-book field to the contrary, a new volume of SWORDS OF CEREBUS IN HELL? will be published on a monthly basis throughout 2021and into 2022. In fact VOLUME ONE, reprinting the original four-issue mini-series, may be in stores even as you're reading this. Advertising or content? At A MOMENT OF CEREBUS it's a distinction without a difference when Dave Sim is in da house.
Well thanks Dave.

Now we all know why Cerebus in Hell? exists.

(Although I could have SWORN CiH? (the daily strip) was supposed to drive traffic to I'd've bet your left eyeteeth...)

In all of yesterday's Kickstarter Updating, I didn't mention Hobbs Swords of Cerebus in Hell? hardcovers. Mainly because there wasn't anything yesterday...

But tomorrow is another day. And since today is yesterday's tomorrow:
The trading cards arrived yesterday!
The Jingles card looked a LITTLE dark:
After discussing this issue with the brilliant Sean Robinson, I adjusted the image on the digital file so the line art will have less dot gain. I also increased the saturation of the color:
The left is the original file, the right is the new file.

I sent the files off to the printer last night, so the new card should be here soon!

The bookplates are still in transit.

As soon as the bookplates and the Reprint Jingles card arrive, I'll begin fulfillment!

Also, there are still a few surveys that have yet to be filled out, if you haven't filled yours out yet, please take a minute to do so! It will make fulfillment go easier and would be greatly appreciated!

So git yer dang surveys in! Ya ain't gonna git yer re-wareds if'n ya don't fill out yer surveys. How many dang KickyStarts are we on now? Ya should know this...
Speaking of the KickyStarters...
Friend to the Blog Steve Peters sure would appreciate your support with his latest.
Reason for the Blog Dave Sim sure appreciates all the support he's gotten for HIS latest.
And Sean and Carson are doing a thing next Friday...WITH EDDIE CAMPBELL!!!
Up to 35% off site-wide:
June 23 – 27
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off -- that means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more!

Next Time: The secret origin of Oliver!

Friday, 18 June 2021

Letter from Stanstead, PQ (Dave's Weekly Update #395)

Hi, Everybody!

Friend to the Blog Steve Peters is running a campaign that I have art in and if you really loved me you'd back it right now.

It's not just me in there, there's Art from Cerebites in good standing: James Windsor-Smith, Lee Thacker, David Branstetter, Michael Anthony Carroll, and Corey Bechelli. (I recognize, most of them guys...) He needs another $582. It's like twelve bucks for a copy, and it's a damn fine book.

Over on the Strange Death of Alex Raymond Kickstarter, Your friend and Mine, Sean Robinson said:
Hello everyone!

Sean here with a quick update.

Things are proceeding quickly. We had previously booked press time before the start of the campaign with Marquis, a Canadian printer who I've worked with on many of the restored Cerebus titles. Unfortunately, we hit a hurdle in the shape of the ongoing paper crunch. The uncoated paper stocks favored by Dave, Carson and myself have been less and less available over the past year, causing a price crunch, and production times at the paper mills to increase in accordance. In this case, had we used the exact paper we had been planning, it would have bumped our delivery back to sometime in late August at the earliest.

Fortunately, after some hunting, Patrick at Marquis was able to find a secondary supply, moving our delivery date to a much more manageable July 23rd 2021.

So, the short version -- books are heading to Diamond and Alabama (Carson's home and "fulfillment center") on July 23rd. And Carson will be fulfilling the entirety of the campaign in a marathon session the week (two weeks?) they arrive.

I hope to update you all in another week or so with an update on the secondary books, both the layouts book and the preliminary one, both of which will be printed digitally by a trusted short-run printer.

In the meanwhile, thank you again very much for your support!

Lastly, Carson and I have been continuing our new YouTube channel with two videos a week, one video discussion of a book of interest, and a second video wherein we both attempt to recreate a single panel from the book in question. Our latest two videos center around Barry Windsor Smith's MONSTERS, and our panel recreation attempt was a real doozy!

Drop by and give us a watch, a subscribe, and let us know what books or comics you'd like us to tackle next!

All the best,
Sean Michael Robinson
Living the Line Books
Hello everyone!

I have two quick pieces of news for you as we slide into the weekend.


Click for even bigger

After a long vacation somewhere at a postal hub in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Carson's portion of the Rip Cerebus collaboration has finally arrived in Kitchener, Ontario! Here is Dave holding the artboard currently featuring Carson's half of this one-off collaboration.

Dave will be penciling and inking his portion as soon as he is able, and we will keep you updated on his progress!


As featured panelists of this year's American Library Association virtual get-together, Carson, Eddie Campbell, and I will be jawing about From Hell? , Strange Death, and pretty much whatever ELSE we feel like talking about, in a one-hour live public Zoom call, hosted by the ALA conference, and Diamond Book Distributors.

And, yes, this means that YOU can JOIN US!

On Fri Jun 25, 2021 2pm – 3 pm (Pacific Time) (5pm- 6pm Eastern Time) that there link right below here will take you straight to our conversation, where you are welcome to ask us questions, heckle us in the text box, and be a general public nuisance!

I kid, I kid. I know you folks will, as always, have something interesting to ask about, and we're hoping that you all will pack the virtual room to capacity. The only REAL question is, how can the three of us POSSIBLY keep our conversation to an hour? Carson and I have barely been able to keep our video book overviews from crossing the 2.5 hour mark, and Mr. Campbell is a legendary conversationalist. Which is to say, they might have to drag us out of the conference by our fingernails.

We hope to see you there! Please do spread the word, as you're able.

All the best,
Sean Michael Robinson
Living the Line Books
And Dave let me know:
The items from the SDOAR KS that are from Kitchener have been signed by Dave and those packages have been mailed today!!


And the Reads Cerebus Archive Kickstarter is still a rolling. If you're a Swordfish, and have a Lee Thacker problem, sent an email to, and I'll hook ya up. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, there's no help for you...

Dave's Weekly Update:

These are ending soon, and there'll be new ones soon!

Heritage has some interesting "Dave Sim" bits (Page from issue 5, and two (count 'em) TWO! Beavers strips! And an original Diamondback deck.)
Up to 35% off site-wide:
June 23 – 27
Tell your fans! Remind them that everything will be up to 35% off -- that means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more!

Next Time: Stop me if you've heard yadda yadda yadda part four.