Tuesday 16 January 2024

SDoAR 2.03: Still Busy, Still Stealing from Manly

Still busy. Still absconding with that page from Manly's book to provide more of a preview of the original The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (SDOAR) for the still shockingly uninitiated!

But know that I am still reviewing the pages that Philip has been working on. Such as comparing the original Dave Sim page on the left -- and the Restored version on the right. Should we rebuild the Y and restore the line just above it? Or at least make it pop a smidge more?

You may think I'm being a bit OCD (but y'know, if the shoe fits), but remember Dave promised to go over these pages with a jewelers loupe. Jewelers Loupe, for Tarim's sake!


Just the GoFundMe Facts, Ma'am

  • $10,291.00 raised to date from 175 donations!
  • 55 new pages released as mocked up by Dave Sim from 11 June to 06 November 2021!
  • 76 total pages available on Dropbox, including Dave's 2019 mocked-up pages
  • $109.00 away from unlocking page 77
  • So if you have not donated >> $5+ donation grants access to all 76 pages and all pages moving forward! 
  • If you have donated, thanks, but if you want to donate monthly, GoFundMe sadly does not offer that option, so please do as we are nearing the middle of month #1 of Year 2.
SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->> https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Preview, Part Two

First this, then...
That's all for this week!



SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe -->>
 https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023 <<-- SDOAR 2023 GoFundMe

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