Wednesday 5 June 2024

2024 CIH? Checklist

Benjamin Hobbs:

David Birdsong created this 2024 checklist featuring every issue of CIH? released to date and the two remaining 2024 books that will be out later this year:

No firm date is in place for the remaining books for the year. Stayed tuned to AMOC for official release schedules and announcements of future 2024 books! 

As always, the numbering only works with issue #0 being counted as the first issue. 

Next Week: Birdsong made some AI art... and YOU get to see it!


Anonymous said...

Would we be able to update the CIH 2016-2019 checklist on the sidebar with this post? It's more up to date at least.

Birdsong said...

Done, Anonymous, thanks for the suggestion.