Friday 28 June 2024

D-Day, Richard Rohmer Pt 4 (Dave's weekly update #545)

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Dave's Weekly Update:

Continuing from Last Week.
A Moment of Cerebus runs Saturday through Friday.

But you don't give two tugs of an Aardvark's wang
There it is. 

BECAUSE...if you've been holding off on buying the digital phonebooks at, because $99 Canadian is still a lot of money, 
Cerebus has come to HumbleBundle. $18 REAL American dollars (with the dead slaveowners on them. The way God intended money to look. Not with waterfowl like what's on SOME PEOPLES so-called "money"...) gets you all 16 volumes AND the Updated Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing! Eighteen bucks! (Unless you wanna up your pledge to benefit The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN):
The Global FoodBanking Network’s (GFN) mission is to nourish the world’s hungry through uniting and advancing food banks. GFN unites and empowers organizations that support those in need by reducing food waste and cultivating sustainable relationships that save lives.
Or, adjust your pledge levels so Aardvark-Vanaheim gets more. Since you KNOW Dave's probably sending 25% of "the take" to Gerhard. (I think you can do that. I know you can give LESS to Dave and Humble, and more to GFN, not sure about increasing Dave's cut.).)

This deal ends in... I can't remember, but it's not sticking around forever. Get on it before I post an Aardvark wang again
(his foreskin is made from REAL pseudo...)


The Week in AMOC:
  • Saturday: Notes towards a cover.
  • Sunday: I run the nigh-impossible to run High Society pages.
  • MondayThe Monday Report and Dave's got a new Pen pal.
  • Tuesday: Jen's update for us on The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Go Fund Me.  Speaking of SDOARGFM, $163 until the next page is unlocked. And she's got a deal for a VINTAGE Cerebus #2.
  • Wednesday: Hobbs continues his look at the terrifying world inside your computer. (Think TRON, but with more chainmail bikinis...)
  • Thursday: Margaret continues GIVING away the first Notebook AKA Albatross 1 for FREE! We're trying to sell the six extra copies that are at Camp David Mags! And. You're. Just. GIVING! It. Away... See here if you wanna physical copy. 
  • Friday: that's this post. You're reading the Friday post right now. This is like that bit in Spaceballs. (Should I link to LAST WEEK'S Update in these things?)

Okay, so that was the past week in AMOC. You're welcome.

And now, back to Bizness as unusual:
Heritage has Cerebus adjacent stuff.
The AMOC TeePublic Shoppe: up to 35% off:

Sometime in July. When I know, you'll know.*
*Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.
Friend to the Blog Steve Peters has a NEW Kickstarter: Comicverse: Subspace Chatter Softcover Collection. While it DOESN'T have a new Dave cover (that's the NEXT Kickstarter after this one...) It does have Cerebus related content, and Manly Matt Dow Art. 
Annnnd...OH YEAH! My pals at the Waverly Press are running a "Summer Sale". Nearly EVERYTHING is reduced, with discounts between 20 and 80%! Until the end of June. (Sunday the 30th to be PRECISE.) Now's the time to buy that Cerebus #2 you had your eye on... Click HERE, and remember: Your dependents need Cerebus comics more than they need to inherit money when you croak... (I can GUARANTEE this doesn't apply to the NEW Spawn 10 Lenticular covers.)

The Waverly Press is ALSO running a new Kickstarter for a new Bobby Grossman book: Nobody Waved Goodbye.
The Help Out Bill Messner-Loebs Go Fund Me, or buy Rodney Schroeter's book with proceeds going to Bill. 
The Last Day Without nothing.
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Oliver' Simonsen's Cerebus movie: The Absurd, Surreal, Metaphysical, and Fractured Destiny of Cerebus the Aardvark it's currently available on "Plex", "Xumo", "Vimeo On Demand", "Tubi". If you're in Brazil..."Mometu", "Nuclear Home Video".
Next Time: 75% probability of Aardvark Wang. Maybe 88%...


Adam Smythe said...

Are the trades on HumbleBundle complete with the appendices?

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...


You mean Dave's commentaries and Sean's essays?


It is the same books as what you can get from Cerebus Downloads.