Friday 14 June 2024

D-Day, Richard Rohmer Pt 2 (Dave's weekly update #543)

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Dave's Weekly Update:

Continuing from Last Week.
A Moment of Cerebus runs Saturday through Friday.
The Week in AMOC:
  • Saturday: Please Hold For Dave Sim 6/2024
  • Sunday: Please Hold For Wilf Jenkins: the Transcript 
  • MondayThe Monday Report and new Dave Art! And Not-Dave Art.
  • Tuesday: Jen found her Man. And updated us on The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Go Fund Me.  Speaking of SDOARGFM, $188 until the next page is unlocked.  
  • Wednesday: I'm beginning to suspect that when the CiH? guys say, "Because YOU demanded it!" they're lying... (maybe I'm just paranoid...) 
  • Thursday: Margaret continues GIVING away the first Notebook AKA Albatross 1 for FREE! We're trying to sell the six extra copies that are at Camp David Mags! And. You're. Just. GIVING! It. Away... See here if you wanna physical copy. 
  • Friday: that's this post. You're reading the Friday post right now. This is like that bit in Spaceballs. (Should I link to LAST WEEK'S Update in these things?)
Okay, so that was the past week in AMOC. You're welcome.

And now, back to Bizness as unusual:
Heritage has Dave's recreation to the cover  of Cerebus #5:
Click for bigger

And for those (like me) who don't got "Heritage" money, there's a Cerebus Original sketch at Comiclink:


(Tip of the shiny metal helmet to  "Damnit Birdsong!" for the link.)
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The Last Day Without nothing.
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