Monday 10 June 2024

New Dave Art! Weird Not Dave Art! The Ol' AMOC Mailbag is BRIMMING with...this.

Hi, Everybody!

The ol' AMOC Mailbag is BRIMMING:

No, no, this AIN'T one of them "What's In The Box?" posts.

That's the OUTGOING pile. I REALLY need an assistant to package, address, and mail all of that. 

Where's Brian when I need him?
Holding Joe DiMaggio's bat. COME ON Brian! What would Mrs. Robinson say?

Anybody wanna be my P.A.? The pay is shit, the hours are long, and according to Margaret I'm a "Tyrant". But you get to eat ALL the crumbs you sweep up!

Anyway, Mondays!

Geez Dave, EVERYBODY knows what who Capernaum is. He's the dude who took a knee during the Roman National Anthem at the Colosseum. Ended up getting blacklisted by all the gladiator owners and had to sue. Ended up a Vomitorium owner in East Rome. Married a Vestal Virgin (Kardasius, the slut one...) Converted to Christianity, and became a saint after he died (the church changed his name to "Chip". Saint Chip.) The patron saint of getting screwed over by your boss. Tossed out during Vatican II.

So, the ol' AMOC Mailbag had that, and Ian Rowan sent in:
I can't even draw stick figures
But apparently my brain needed a break from writing, so I did a search for "how to draw" (pig, dog, girl) and tried to copy the first results I found. Sorry I didn't do a Cerebus to make this more relevant, but feel free to post on the blog if it's a slow day and you're hard up. I'm actually pretty happy with the girl, who was supposed to be cheerful and came out sly and scheming, prompting her dialogue - the smudge wouldn't go away from having to erase her nose, and when I put freckles on top I think it worked out well for her complexion. Anxious cat is probably waiting for girl to let go of a rope.


Then he sent in:
This time, Cerebus relevant sketch
My absolutely amateur attempt at eyeballing Dave's rough sketch of CEREBUS #24. Also been trying my crap hand at Jaime's Maggie - this is try number three and definitely the charm. Share if you like, but hope you enjoy regardless.

Better than I can draw...

Let's see, what else is in the ol' AMOC Mailbag...

Oh yeah, NEW Dave Art:
Click for bigger.

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Next Time: Jen teaches you how to celebrate my birthday...


Christon said...

Killer Raph homage!!!!

Tony Dunlop said...

That's a pretty good Maggie. I swear I hadn't read the supertitle (the text, I say, the text above the picture - image, that is) and I immediately knew who it was, and actually thought it might be by Jaime himself.

I haven't read a Love & Rockets story in decades, so maybe he's done it, but if not I'd LOVE to read some "Tales of Junior High Maggie" stories!

Michael R. said...

Happy Birthday,Matt!

Nic said...

Whoooo! Mail! :P