Saturday 1 June 2024

Incoming! New Dave Art?

Hi, Everybody!

Let's see what Dave's got for us TODAY!

Al Nickerson:
Hi Dave, Thanks so much for the artwork in the mail, as I got Dave's Rebecca Stern original artwork. Man, I am so happy right now. Dave is so great. I posted this (and the photo) in social media:
"Today, my mailbox gave me this baby! Dave Sim (of CEREBUS fame) drew Rebecca Stern (Crusader Girl) from THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel series! Dave really captured the character of the character. I am still so surprised and amazed by this. I left a message on Dave's answering machine thanking him for his generous and thoughtful gift. And this artwork might be a good variant cover for a future printing of THE SWORD OF EDEN: SHINOBI. To order your own copy of THE SWORD OF EDEN or THE SWORD OF EDEN: SHINOBI graphic novel, stop by my website: #DaveSim #CEREBUS #theswordofeden #anactoffaithcomic #comics #graphicnovels #SequentialArt #creatorsrights #selfpublishing #comicbookstore #comicbookstores #Christianbookstore #Christianbookstores #ChristianityandComics #christiancomics #everythingchristian #MakeComicsGreatAgain #JesusMatters" 
We start with Easton PA's FAVORITE Son: you hear the Jaws Theme?

And so nobody has to ask, here's the other side of the PS:

Anyway, Dave continues:
Seriously? Does NOBODY hear that?!?

Anyway, Steve "Shark Week" Peters is getting NEW Dave Sim art. Wanna see?

Do ya?

DO YA?!?

Yeah, Steve asked me to hold of on sharing the "wealth" until AFTER his next Kickstarter, The Comicverse: Subspace Chatter, when he launches the next Sparky Kickstarter where Dave's NEW Art will be available.

Of course, like Cerebus, I too am a Mercenary:

So grease my palm with silver, and I'll show you what Steve's gonna show you in September...

And now, back to Bizness as unusual:

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Next Time: Whatever I can get done after working. 

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JLH said...

Dave's bringing back THE HELL IT'S YOURS bookplates?