Friday 31 May 2024

Thinking about Surah 4 (Dave's weekly update #541)

Hi, Everybody!

Like it says on the Logo:

It's Friday, so that means:
Dave's Weekly Update:

A Moment of Cerebus runs Saturday through Friday.
The Week in AMOC:
  • Saturday: Dave recommends new comics. New Dave Art!
  • Sunday: I clean off my virtual desk...of New Dave Art! 
  • MondayThe Monday Report and AMOC "celebrates" Memorial Day.
  • Tuesday: Jen's post about The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Go Fund Me.  Speaking of which, $198 until the next page is unlocked. And she's gave away an Albatross to one lucky GoFunder, who HASN'T responded to Jen's e-mails, so if tyou were trying to get it, check your SPAM folder! Jen REALLY wants you to get it.  If you just wanna buy an Albatross #1, here's a handy look at it, and how you can get one. 
  • Wednesday: Hobbs more work on his Narutobus cover. Speaking of Narutobus, Heritage has Narutobus page 16:
    Click for bigger
  • Thursday: Margaret continued looking at the first Notebook AKA Albatross 1. See here if you wanna copy. 
  • Friday: that's this post. You're reading the Friday post right now. This is like that bit in Spaceballs. (Should I link to LAST WEEK'S Update in these things?)
Okay, so that was the past week in AMOC. You're welcome.

And now, back to Bizness as unusual:

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The Last Day Without nothing.
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   "      "     "        "  an Old Cerebus Remarque
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Oliver' Simonsen's Cerebus movie: The Absurd, Surreal, Metaphysical, and Fractured Destiny of Cerebus the Aardvark it's currently available on "Plex", "Xumo", "Vimeo On Demand", "Tubi". If you're in Brazil..."Mometu", "Nuclear Home Video".
Next Time: Photos of Dave!

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Anonymous said...

You should link to last week's Friday post on the "This Week in AMOC" list. But I appreciate the Spaceballs reference if you keep it the same as it is.