Sunday 12 May 2024

CAN 11 Update: Dave's thinking of sketching. (NEW Dave Art!)

Hi, Everybody!

Dave Sim:
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Click to see the SDOAR pages in the background...

"NOW, how much would YOU pay?"

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Heritage has Narutobus page 13:
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Next Time: The Monday Report, and anything else Cerebus related I wanna talk about...


Christon said...

The head sketch is great but I'm REALLY digging that full drawing!! I'd absolutely pay for that!

JLH said...

That's a beautiful "I'd sell plasma to get some extra scratch for it" figure drawing, there. I better start hitting the blood banks.

Tony Dunlop said...

Question: Would it still be possible to just buy the Archive portfolio, same as the first ten, no sketch or drawing? If not I may sit this one out...

Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

Tony: the sketches/drawings are add-ons. You can still get a basic Portfolio.

I think.


Anonymous said...

It would be difficult to resist spending $400 or $500 for that.

I'm still holding a check from the first Kickstarter. Dave accepted a late commission reward then sent it back because of SODAR.

Think the returned check is collectable? I mean more than the $300?