Sunday 5 May 2024

Please Hold For Dave Sim 5/2024 part two

Hi, Everybody!

And now part two:

Part four & five: Dave answers Steve's comment about the First Fifth prints, and Dan's question about collected glamourpuss.
Part six: Dave discusses Christon's question about Todd and Spawn and the 300 issue record.
Part seven: And we end with a question from Steve Peters.
Next Time: I get the post done faster.


Steve said...

Sir Matt -

If I remember correctly, the Glamourpuss files you have (and make available as requested) are scans of the printed issues, not scans of the original art -- is this correct?


Mouse Skull Entertainment said...

They are the scans Birdsong found.

Probably of the printed issue.


Darth Prefect said...

Regarding the whole Cerebus/Spawn/Savage Dragon thing, remember that Fred Perry already produced his 301st issue of 'Gold Digger', entirely written and drawn by him.