Tuesday 18 June 2024

SDoAR 2.25: Cerebus #2 Raffle?

Would putting Cerebus #2 up for the next raffle be of interest to anyone? 

If so, please let me know what you think the minimum SDoAR GoFundMe donation should be in the comments below and we can kick this thing off next week

Just the GoFundMe Facts, Ma'am

  • $13,012.00 raised to date from 217 donations
  • 68 new pages released as mocked up by Dave Sim from 11 June to 6 December 2021
  • 89 total pages available on Dropbox, including Dave's 2019 mocked-up pages
  • $188.00 away from unlocking page 90
  • If you have not donated > $5+ donation grants access to all 89 pages and all pages moving forward
  • If you have donated, thank you, but if you want to donate monthly, GoFundMe does not offer that option, so please do so as we are at the middle of month #6 of Year 2.

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond Preview, Part Twenty-Four

and this...



SDOAR GoFundMe -->>
 https://www.gofundme.com/f/sdoar-2023 <<-- SDOAR GoFundMe


jhames34 said...

Cerebus had a second issue? I thought it was one of those self pub ventures that started and fizzled out with issue 1!

cfoster said...


Christon said...

A raw Cerebus #2 in very comparative condition to that copy recently sold on Ebay for $95 (or best offer). So I'd say that's the most current value.
I'd happily pay $100 for it.

Christon said...

Or..OR...send that copy to Dave, ask him to sign and sketch a cool little doodle on the cover and auction it off here on AMOC. Id like to believe that most people on here would enjoy owning a one-of-a-kind custom Cerebus #2.
Just a thought....